February is “Relinquishment”

Relinquishment is basically the act of sacrificing something, giving up or abandoning a struggle, task, etc.

During this month’s theme, I could go “light” or I could go “deep”. I am not going to make a decision on which route I will take just yet.

What I will do is start by making a short list of the things I have given up, to use as prompts in my journal and then share a few on a less detailed level.

We have all relinquished things, consciously or unconsciously.

What is one of the first things that pops into your mind?

12 thoughts on “February is “Relinquishment”

  1. OOooo Marquessa, this looks like an interesting challenge! To me, to relinquish means to ‘let go’ of something. Because my thoughts are generally ruled by my mental illness, I see it in terms of giving something up – something I wanted to keep, really. Weird that everyone has a different image of what “relinquish” looks like to them.

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  2. Love it! We picked Relinquishment for July. 🙂 We picked acceptance for February. But my first thought when I hear the word is to relinquish the things that aren’t meant for me. The responsibilities, the activities, the people who drag me down.

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  3. Ageing forces the relinquishment of many things I once took for granted. One thing I have also noticed lately is that I am letting go of the need for perfection or exactness in things. So what if I miss one day on a writing streak for instance.

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