Letting Go or Maybe Not (Relinquishment)

Well, I guess the joke is on me.

I truly thought that I would be able to boast about all the things I have been able to let go over the years, like my fear of doing things solo, dumping narcissistic friends or refusing to play harder (instead of smarter) in situations where the powers that be would never have allowed me to succeed.

But as I have been journaling this month, it is painfully clear that there is a lot of things I have clearly NOT “relinquished” so this exercise is proving to be quite interesting and enlightening.

Physically removing myself out of certain situations is a way of “letting go” but if my mind is still ruminating on things that have happened a long time ago yet are still affecting me to the present day, have I really let go?

The answer is “no”.

The positive side of ruminating is that this process is allowing me to get a better understanding of how I became the person that I am today, if I want to take steps to change and if so, how can I change when certain circumstances are limiting how much of a change I can make.

Or is it simply too late?

Do you think that there comes a time when it is simply too late?

This seems to always be the story of my life.

If you are working on a monthly theme from this post or your own, what have you discovered this month?


7 thoughts on “Letting Go or Maybe Not (Relinquishment)

    1. Don’t worry. Any theme is good whether it be for one day or one year. My end goal is “joy” by the year’s end. And if i can get just a little bit, I’ll be happy. Order is a good one that fits everything. 👍🏾

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  1. I don’t think it’s ever too late to make a change! Embrace who you are today, the lessons you’ve learned, and relinquish the things/people/activities that don’t serve you anymore. It sounds so easy when I type it out, but I know it’s not! I have faith in you, though, Marquessa! You’re a strong woman!

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