“C” is for “Charming”

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I never believed in happily-ever-afters and fairytales but Dex changed my mind.

It was as if my life had begun the night we had met and all the immature men I had dated before were just a dress rehearsal for the real thing – finally finding my soulmate.

No more weak-ass, insecure, “Build-A-Bro” type of guys, no desire to become a “Bob the Builder” type of woman trying to fix a man into an ideal man. Dex was attentive and sweet like no other man I had ever been with. He said he had finally found the woman he had always wanted.


Dex vowed that he wanted to “court” me instead of “date” me and I felt like a real live princess who was the center of his universe.

We were like addicts, in constant contact with good morning calls, lunch time check-ins, talking for hours after work when we couldn’t get together. Dex sent loving texts several times a day and called to make sure that I got to and from where I was going safely. When they met him, my friends and family loved his loud, gregarious nature and how happy he made me smile. Sam was the only person who voiced a few doubts. She wondered how he was always “on” and how we could be so much into each other.

Though Dex pushed for us to “make love” and I felt myself falling hard and fast, my instincts told me to hold back. He teased me about being a prude and said he would try to be patient. But when he said that he was falling for me and that I was worth the wait, I caved and gave my mind, body and soul to him, completely and without regret. Unselfish and generous in bed, Dex was eager to please me in all the ways I needed, wanted and men oftentimes willfully neglected. I kicked myself for holding back and regretted the time I had allowed myself to waste.

I’m ashamed to say that I would have stopped breathing if Dex asked me to.

But when something is too good to be true, it usually is…or in the words of my Abuela:

“¡Cuidado Cara! El que es perico, donde quiera es verde. And the devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes dressed as everything you secretly hope for like your grandfather.”

You know, this writing thing isn’t so crazy after all…The more I put my thoughts down on this blog, the more I realize that Abuela wasn’t so crazy after all with her sayings.

I was the crazy one and didn’t know that I was about to board the crazy train to hell…


Continuation: D is for “Defensive”

All Rights Reserved ©2018 Marquessa Matthews. 

43 thoughts on ““C” is for “Charming”

  1. mandibelle16

    Here’s where things go awry, next letter or two, I think. Great writing. I’m pretty anxious to here all of what she writes, like a book I can’t put down. You were great a hooking us off the bat. I like Grandmas sage wisdom throughout as foreshadowing, a bit of irony, and no doubt the words that will save the main character in many places, are many m Grannie’s words. Love love. 💕❤️


  2. “No more weak-ass, insecure, “Build-A-Bro” type of guys, no desire to become a “Bob the Builder” type of woman trying to fix a man into an ideal man” — I know this is a serious story, but this part had me laughing. That foreshadowing at the end though….

    Liked by 1 person

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