“V” is for “Vampire”

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I had a dream last night.

I was being chased by a chupacabra, a vampire and Dex. I was running away from all three of them with all my might until I hit a dead end and had no choice but to stop.

Of course you know what vampires are but I’m almost certain that you’ve never heard about chupacabras. I won’t get into the folklore of it all but they are said to be small fast moving bat-like evil creatures spotted on the roadsides and in fields that get frightened when hit by the light beams of a car or a flashlight. They supposedly suck the blood from goats and are said to prey on sleeping humans too.

Go ahead and Google it – I’m not kidding. See for yourself just how ugly they are.

In my dream, I couldn’t escape them so I gave up. I turned to face all three of them and opened my arms as if to embrace whatever it was they were about to do to me. But instead of what I expected, they lost interest and ambled away. As I stood there alone in that dark corner of my dream, a calm sense of freedom washed over me.


As a kid, I remembered Abuela saying that my grandfather was just like a chupacabra because he had sucked the life right out of her. I’d heard all of the stories about his charming ways, manipulative nature and the cheating around their village. I’m not one for folklore so I wouldn’t call Dex a chupacabra but he was a sort of vampire which is basically the same thing. I mean, they both survive by feeding off of whatever they can prey on, if you let your guard down.

Maybe it’s some generational curse – my grandmother, my mother and then me? Well, if it is, I’m going to find a way to break the cycle. But I wonder if I’ll ever be able to trust a man again. I think that one of my feet will always be outside the door, ready to run. That’s probably why Abuela was bitter until the day that she died. That’s also why she had so many pieces of advice to pass onto in her ramblings.

Why am I telling you about a crazy dream? Because I think it’s the universe telling me that I’m no longer afraid to speak the truth. Whether it be dreams of vampires, chupacabras and Dex, I was moving on and refused to run.

What’s done in the dark, always come to light and being the vampire that Dex was, it was just a matter of time before he truly got what he deserved…


Continuation: W is for “Wicked”

All Rights Reserved ©2018 Marquessa Matthews. 



17 thoughts on ““V” is for “Vampire”

  1. mandibelle16

    A terrifying dream, but also I think helpful. As Cars relates to her grandma through her experience with Dex. And I truly believe her last line, that Dex will get what’s coming to him. Some people call it Karma, in a sense I think is. You get what you give out, or you receive what you do not others, but would never do to yourself or wish upon yourself. At this point, I feel so bad for Cara, but also this woman who insists on meeting Cara to tell her to back off of Cex. Surely at this point she’s noticed that somethings about him are off. It’s sad because you know her future could be worse than Cara’s!

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    1. Toxic men like that have a charming way of fooling their next victim into thinking that all his past issues are due to their previous girlfriends…They also enjoy making the new gf believe that the old gf wants them back so that they hold on tighter. Its amazing the depths of crazy these toxic people go!

      Liked by 1 person

              1. mandibelle16

                That’s what I thought. Yes I know I used to know a blogger lady on here who blogged about mental illness. She blogged mostly on narcissism. I don’t think it’s behaviour/illness that can be changed though is it? I don’t know what medications etc. Would do to help or other therapies such as group or one one behavioural therapy? It would have to be chemical in the brain or hormonal too and those are hard to change with any method.
                Wonderful story. I enjoyed it despite disliking Dex insanely. Maybe next year Cara meets the right guy?

                Liked by 1 person

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