Marquessa is a storyteller.

A voracious reader at an early age, she discovered that the pages of a novel could be a sweet escape into exciting worlds beyond her own. Little House on The Prairie, Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High were just a few of her favorite books growing up. It was only when she fell in love with “I Know Why The Caged Birds” that she realized just how hungry she was for characters who looked more like her and narratives closer to what she could relate.

She quickly realized that she had the power to write the kinds of characters she wanted to see more of, like the characters in “How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents“, “Coffee Will Make You Black” and “The Joy Luck Club” and many others books that influenced her preference for novels with more of a cultural component.

Marquessa’s primary goal is to be a voice for characters that are just as beautiful and important as what is often considered as “more mainstream”. Her stories focus on contemporary career-minded and professional women who reflect modern day society and who just happen to be of a different “diverse” backgrounds.

Marquessa’s second goal is to cater to women want to see a little bit of themselves in the characters and stories she pens – stories that can be light & fluffy, dark and emotional, romantic and sexy and sometimes even inspirational.

When she is not out saving the world, Marquessa can be found curled up in bed with her laptop, chilling to one of her 70’s or 80’s playlists with a hot mug of something as she brainstorms the next cliffhanger to keep you coming back for more.

Marquessa is currently working on overcoming her indecisiveness on which project to finalize first so if you would like to keep up with her updates, sign up for her newsletter here.

Right now, the best place to reach out to her is on Instagram.

312 thoughts on “About

  1. Way to go getting yourself on the writing wagon! I never thought I would have been a writer myself but here I am trying my hand, so I can imagine we relate on some levels. I like your inclusion of the random facts about you here, pretty funny and I so hear you on the favorite food thing. Cheers to your journey!

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    1. Likewise to previous comment.

      Reading your post highlights some of our shared interests, perspectives and observations..

      I, too, relish being a part of scenes as the observer, griot/visionary.

      Continued Blessings on your journey..

      Is it ok to reblog this post on our GlobalSisterzMedia site?

      mYia @ GSM

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    1. Thanks so much Rob! I am very new to all of this blogging-stuff and I have been seeing different blog nominations go around. I will definitely participate as soon as I can. And then pay it forward! πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

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    1. Using my tablet as a real laptop while on holiday is not easy…I just lost the 2 messages I tried to send you. Thanks so much for the nomination! I accept and will respond when I am back in the comforts of my real laptop! πŸ™‚

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    1. Congrats on your nomination – I enjoyed your responses, especially about how you “for you” and that it makes you feel great. Thanks for the “Thunder”! ☺ Very appreciative and I don’t mind the pile up because that just means that I can pay the love forward.

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  2. I completely agree that writing with pen and paper (or pencil πŸ™‚ ) is so authentic! I absolutely love it and find it relaxing. It’s very rare that I begin writing on my laptop. I have to at least get my notes or an outline on paper before I get it on the computer. Loving your page girl! Xo

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  3. Marquessa !
    I have spelled it write, but I don’t know how you pronounce it.
    That’s the magic and fun of foreign names.
    May be my surname might sound the same to you as well.
    This morning I came across with a name that sounds varied of different pronunciations,though she originally hails from my country India.
    Coming to your writing ambitions, I only wish to see your name on some books as you wish it to happen.
    You go about Simply in this world, you will start to know of things.
    Simply you can start putting them on paper.
    That will automatically become Simply Marquessa !!!


  4. It’s amazing! I am feeling as if we are having a friendly chat over a cup of coffee. Glad to know you!
    Thanks for the follow – incidentally, you are the fiftieth fellow blogger who has expressed interest to know what little knowledge I have to share πŸ™‚
    Being so, you are a special guest!
    I’ve developed a small set of friends in last one and half year, who wish to listen to me; but I try to exchange thoughts mutually with them as much as possible!
    Thanks again & shall wait for your next post.

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  5. You have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by William Chasterson. This is an award created by Edge of Night recognizing bloggers from all over the world for their hard work. It is meant to recognize bloggers, give them encouragement, motivation to continue blogging, and basically just let them know that they are loved and appreciated. Being a blogger is not as easy as the silly name suggests and many times we get discouraged but this award serves as a reminder of why we started blogging in the first place.


    1. I truly appreciate the nomination however I made my blog an award free zone a while ago. However, since I have the opportunity to bring this us, would you be interested in a Q & A sometime in the future? If not, no harm, no foul! πŸ™‚

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