Marquessa is a storyteller.

A voracious reader at an early age, she discovered that the pages of a novel could be a sweet escape into exciting worlds beyond her own. Little House on The Prairie, Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High were just a few of her favorite books growing up. It was only when she fell in love with “I Know Why The Caged Birds” that she realized just how hungry she was for characters who looked more like her and narratives closer to what she could relate.

She quickly realized that she had the power to write the kinds of characters she wanted to see more of, like the characters in “How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents“, “Coffee Will Make You Black” and “The Joy Luck Club” and many others books that influenced her preference for novels with more of a cultural component.

Marquessa’s primary goal is to be a voice for characters that are just as beautiful and important as what is often considered as “more mainstream”. Her stories focus on contemporary career-minded and professional women who reflect modern day society and who just happen to be of a different “diverse” backgrounds.

Marquessa’s second goal is to cater to women want to see a little bit of themselves in the characters and stories she pens – stories that can be light & fluffy, dark and emotional, romantic and sexy and sometimes even inspirational.

When she is not out saving the world, Marquessa can be found curled up in bed with her laptop, chilling to one of her 70’s or 80’s playlists with a hot mug of something as she brainstorms the next cliffhanger to keep you coming back for more.

Marquessa is currently working on overcoming her indecisiveness on which project to finalize first so if you would like to keep up with her updates, sign up for her newsletter here.

Right now, the best place to reach out to her is on Instagram.


  1. Hi Marquessa, it’s the Meg you already know… I’ve decided to write under a pen name (personal privacy reasons) and I’m starting fresh with a new blog. See you around!

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  2. I have really enjoyed following you for quite some time now. I began when we were both writing in one of the WordPress University Challenges. I have been enthralled with your growth as a writer, and as a blog site. (Your work gives me more inspiration to get on my grind. πŸ™‚ ) Keep doing what you’re doing! Just know your work is always appreciated.

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