“When Sunday Came” (2015) – #fiction #abuse

Montreal Nightscape

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I looked at his text again before deleting it.

Thinking about you. I still love you ♥

Memories of his words came rushing back to me like a tidal wave.

“No other man would ever put up with you…”

“For someone in your line of work, you really are sooo stupid…”

“If you loved me, you would want what I want…”

“It’s your fault that you make me so angry that I break things…”

But this time, instead of the memories hitting me like a ton of bricks and making me feel sick to my stomach, the wave washed over and above me.

That’s when I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that the old me was gone. Forever.

No more walking on eggshells and feeling like I was having a heart attack.

No more waiting for the next blow up and blow out.

No more of me apologizing just to keep the peace and asking for forgiveness that I didn’t need.

I stretched out on the sofa and stared out into the darkness of my newly adopted city.

A glass of wine on the coffee table, a good book in my lap and wrapped in my cozy robe, I would never ever let him upset such a peaceful Sunday night.

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#TBT – Writing About What You Know #amwriting

I base my stories on what I know and my experiences. I can’t simply throw caution to the wind and totally go with my imagination.

I can’t write about dragons and vampires. And I could never see myself writing about long-blond haired Fabio-like type men (the older women know who I’m talking about and I still don’t know what the allure was) who sweep down to rescue the heroine in distress like in the Harlequin books my grandmother used to devour. I also can’t wrap my brain around writing a female leads who could have stepped out of an episode of The Housewives of (Pick-Your-City) because I know nothing about the world of the rich, bold, beautifully bored.

Sure, I use my imagination and research certain elements of my stories but on the whole, I base my storytelling on what I have experienced, scenes that could possibly happen in real life and locations exist. It makes it all the more real for me. Of course, a story wouldn’t be a good one without a little drama and twists thrown in for good measure. And whose to say that those are made up, right?

That’s my kind of fiction and the kind of fiction I write.

Do you agree with that quote? And if you write fiction, what kind of fiction do you write?

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Updated post – originally posted on November 3, 2015



Prompt Me With Your Best Shot #writerwednesday #writerslife

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Actually, no, you don’t have to prompt me…

Since I jumped back into the writing pool, I’ve never really suffered from writer’s block.

Don’t be jealous or anything. It’s only because I’ve had 18 years worth of stories rolling around head during the time I wasn’t writing.

Right now, my personal writing issues are related to my aversion to creating outlines (and that will be the topic of a future #WriterWednesday post) and ending stories I’ve loved writing.

But I do sometimes use prompts as inspiration for scenes within a bigger story.

Besides the WP daily prompt, here are some of the sources I use from time to time:

Writing Prompts from Pinterest

Writer’s Digest

365 Creative Writing Prompts

When you need “prompting”, where do you turn? Feel free to share.

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#TravelTuesday: Are You The Ideal Travel Partner?

Cute couple outside The Mission, Santa Barbara (2016) taken by Marquessa Matthews

Cute couple outside The Mission, Santa Barbara (2016) taken by Marquessa Matthews

We need to talk” is a phrase you usually don’t want to hear when you’re in a “love” relationship. But for friends planning on traveling together, it’s a good starting point for a pre-trip discussion.

Travel preparations are stressful so the last thing you want is to be stressed while you are actually on vacation with a (new) travel partner. If you’re not careful, you may end up wishing that you had stayed home and saved your money!

If you’re not comfortable traveling solo, compromise, “give and take” and flexibility are essential parts of the travel equation.

Do yourself a favor, have a candid talk with the person you plan on traveling with to determine your compatibility before booking non-refundable tickets.

Are you:

– messy but they are a neat freak?
– a sun worshipper but they seek shade?
– an adventurer/explorer while they are laid-back and don’t like to do much?
– a superplanner versus their fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants attitude?
– an early bird but they are a night owl?
– an introvert versus their extrovertness?
– a seasoned traveler but they are a newbie?
– the type that wants to be joined at the hip all the type but with an “I’ll do my thing and you do yours sometimes” friend?

It all sounds like a common sense discussion to have but many don’t bother, thinking that all will go smoothly.

Until it doesn’t and they find themselves in a very delicate and T-E-N-S-E situation…

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“Face forward. Strip down.” (2015) #fiction #fictionfriday

blurred love

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Originally posted December 6, 2015

“Face forward. Strip down.”

His voice was deep, suggestive and close enough for me to feel his breath on my neck. I won’t fool you, his voice sent tingles up and down my spine in a very naughty way.

I turned very slowly to face the tall, seductively handsome man I had only seen a few seconds before. He was grinning down at me in such a sexy way that I almost forgot where we were.

I inhaled deeply to refocus my thoughts, flipped my hair nervously over my shoulder and tried to match his irresistible smile.

“Excuse me?”

Oh…how I needed him to repeat those words again.

He extended his finger and barely stroked it against my…

debit card that I forgot I was holding.

“For your card to work, you have to put the face forward and the strip down through the swipe of the machine.”

It took me about five seconds to process what he had just explained. I looked up at him, down to my debit card and back up into his eyes.

“Oh, yeah. I knew that.” Totally embarassed, I swiped my card properly through the debit machine this time. “Sorry, my Pay Pass somehow got deactivated.”


I much preferred my twisted meaning of what I thought Mr. Tall Hot and Handsome had said.

I fumbled to grab my coffee from the barista and stepped aside to the milk & sugar station. As I was opening my fourth packet of cane sugar, he appeared next to me again.

“Are you having sugar with your coffee or coffee with your sugar Beautiful?” he teased.

I had never seen a man with such striking eyes before. His eyes were capable of peering straight into my soul.

As my mind struggled to find something intelligent to volley back with, I knew that today would be one that I would never forget.

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The prompt? SYTYCW@Harlequin weekend writing challenge – Your hero and heroine have just met. Give us your hero’s most impactful/ funny/ sexy/ intriguing/ eye-catching opening line!