to quit or not to quit?

With the pandemic and what has been a bunch of miserable “lowlights” in my life recently, my creative side has been suffering for the longest time – the reason that I took a step back from this blog.

And I must say that taking a step back has felt good.

Very, very good.

It’s time to think about what I want to do and where I want to go (if anywhere) with my fiction writing and this blog space.

Should I simply “quit” my blog or take it in a completely different direction unrelated to my interest in fiction writing?

Do I give up on the idea of publishing my fiction and just write for my own pleasure?

So many thoughts but I have yet to make any firm decisions.

Have you ever contemplated packing it in and quitting your blog? Have you changed the direction of your blog since you started?  

consciously unplugging

The posts I was writing in dedication to my Dad…

I took them all down and finalized the ones I had left in Draft for me, myself and I offline. And as I stumble across old posts that no longer resonate with me, I’ve been removing them too.

It’s time to unplug and purge for a little while, including things in my life beyond this blog space.

A friend of mine decided to consciously “unplug, purge and be more positive” for 30 days before her birthday this month. Her hope is that by the time her birthday hits, her mind will be clearer and she will finally be able to focus on what her needs and wants are with less distractions.

In the past few weeks, I’ve watched her become more relaxed as she has intentionally unplugged from situations that others keep trying to drop into her lap and people who haven’t brought any added-value to her life in years (and never did).

As she said, the pandemic, politics and being forced to slow down made her unpack sh*t she had either turned a blind eye to or that she was simply ignorant of. Now, she as she undergors this process, she is making time to “repack” only what she needs and wants in her life.

I understand where she is coming from and have been feeling the same way for a while now.

Though my own birthday is more than 30 days away, I’ll be following in her footsteps by doing my own version of unplugging and purging. And I might as well start early since I know I need to take a really, really deep dive…

But I’ll be back.

In the meantime, you take good care of yourself!

M xoxo


These are some of my favorite photos that I have ever taken of my Dad.

My Dad and I loved hanging out on our balcony watching the sunset over the ocean every evening whenever we were in Puerto Rico.

We both loved the beach and early morning walks when the world was oh-so-quiet. When I eventually return, it is going to feel really weird without him.

I’m truly hoping that he is enjoying an even prettier view on the better side of paradise with family and old friends that were waiting to greet him.

Before he passed a few weeks ago, I made my Dad promise to always be my guardian angel and to save me a seat right next to him on the other side when he arrived there.

Of course, he was quick to agree.

In turn, my Dad made me promise to not join him too soon and he was also very clever in making me promise to do a number of things I will not share here.

Well, I plan on keeping the promises I made to him.

And in order to keep those promises, I don’t want any distractions that will take me off my path so I will be logging out of most of my social media apps and this WordPress account by the end of this week.

My plan is to only check my direct messages on Twitter and Instagram since that is where I mostly communicate.

But before I log out, I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for your sincere condolences.

Thank you for being concerned about my well-being and checking in via DM to find out how I’m coping (or more like not coping).

It touches my heart to know that those who I have become friends with on WordPress would be so kind and thoughtful.

Thank you and when I return, I’ll tell you all about what I have done during my time offline.

With love and lots of it,


Cutting the #Bloganuary short…

I knew that this would happen but is was worth a shot.

I was hoping that I could take a few minutes pre-bedtime every night to participate in Bloganuary as a mini-distraction to destress my mind.

But deep down I knew that I would be ducking out early.

After almost 8 months of round the clock caregiving, the chapter that I have been living is coming to an end and I need to be present for every moment that is left of it.

When things settle down and when I need some quieter moments, I will double back and enjoy what other partipants have posted.

See you in a while.

M xoxo

What is a superpower you’d love to have? Day #17 – bloganuary

I would LOVE the ability to time-travel.

You know, travel back in time, undo certain actions that specific ancestors took that ended up having a direct impact on my life.

The pandemic has been a great revealer on so many levels, especially when it comes to generational trauma and secrets.

I won’t go into further details but I am sure that many of you have discovered a bunch of things you never knew about the people close to you during this pandemic.

What is a cause you’re passionate about? Day 16# – bloganuary

I’m not sure if I would say that I a “passionate” but there are causes that I support and that are very important to me.

Endometriosis awareness: I spent years being misdiagnosed because I did not fit the textbook case of being a White middle-aged childless career woman so when I educated myself and knew just as much as doctors back in the day, I made sure to share my experience and knowledge with those around me. I also serve as a member on an Endo Board.

Supporting cancer: I have always supported cancer research and now that my father is ill, it has become even more important to me. When the dust settles, my plan is to volunteer my time to others for respite care.

Alzheimer research: These days, every one I know is or has been hit by this horrid disease and I make monthly contributions.

If I ever get back my fiction writing mojo, I would love to incorporate the above into my stories and have readers donate to these causes.