“Breaking The Mirror” – 2018 A to Z Challenge

For ease of reference, below are all the links to my 2018 A to Z Challenge posts. Enjoy Cara’s story!

A is for Afflicted

B is for Bomb (Love Bomb)

C is for Charm

D is for Defensive

E is for Eggshells

F is for Frankenstein

G is for Gaslight

H is for Humiliate

I is for Isolation

J is for Jealousy

K is for Knife

L is for Lines Crossed

M is for Manipulate

N is for No Contact

O is for Obsession

P is for Plan

Q is for Question

R is for Rape (*trigger warning*)

S is for Survive

T is for Therapy

U is for Unpack

V is for Vampire

W is for Wicked

X is for eX-Files

Y is for Yearning

Z is for Zen

The Aftermath of Zen – This speaks to a bonus installment by newsletter that wraps up a few loose ends of the story. To receive this installment, you must be subscribed to my email list.

Just Desserts for Dex – this is the BONUS for email subscribers only.


M xoxo


18 thoughts on ““Breaking The Mirror” – 2018 A to Z Challenge

  1. Intriguing ending, and way to hold out on it. When you replied to my last comments it really had me thinking. Fruit allergies aren’t to common unless there is something sprayed on them, except I know a few people who are allergic to strawberries b/d of the fruit itself. Once we bought some from a particular store and my lips swelled up, and the area around my mouth developed a rash. I took a benedaryl and was fine, but that was due to whatever was sprayed on them, despite me washing them.

    But I think as we discussed before, if you had such bad allergies you would be more vigilant about your epi-pens, despite the price, a new one (or two) each year, as it’s the difference between life and death.

    Cara feels guilty and she has Dex’s secret, but on the other hand, there are forces at work here much beyond her doing. She didn’t know about Dex’s epipen not working, and she thought he was allergic to the nuts in the burger, not the fruit in the cheesecake. I can understand some guilty, but she needs to understand — Dex was his own undoing. Karma (or the do unto others rule), well it quite often happens. If you fill your life with betrayel and manipulation, etc. Life will betray and manipulate you. You get what you give. Loved this, great job! ❤️🌺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for that Mandi. I was indeed stretching the ending (I won’t mention it here for those who have not subscribed) :). But I did do a little research and though it is very rare, it is possible with “uncooked” items. As for Dex, many with NPD think that they are invincible so thinking that if he was very careful would be good enough, it wasn’t! Lol. I always appreciate the feedback Mandi You’ve made me think about a number of changes for the edits! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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