#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 24) Post about your zodiac sign and whether or not it fits you

Libra’s are indecisive, that much I know! Or do I know. I don’t know… LOL

I’m always the last to order from the menu, waiver between 2 choices and still want to change my mind as the server takes my order.

Note to yourself, don’t eat out with me. 🙂

There is so much to be said about Libras (if you believe in astrology) that instead, I’m going to take the easy way out of go with random gifs I found online.

Uh, definitely not me.

I dwell and then dwell some more for a long time. But when I do decide to let a situation go, I’ll strike a match, toss it where it needs to go and walk away without the need to watch it burn.

As I type this, it sounds pretty harsh but like I said it before in a previous post, I have the patience of a nun and when it runs out, that’s it. Sometimes fire is the only way to start over in specific situations.

A little list from giphy.com….#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (but not in a I-told-you-so kind of way), #7 (if I let you get that close) and #10 sound about right.

[Top 10 Reasons You’re A Libra graphic removed]

Hell no to #8, even if the kidnapper looked like “Massimo” from “365 Dni”.

#9 – I don’t know about having taste – it depends on the situation. Not so much when it comes to fashion – I hate shopping and would love for someone to do it for me. I do have taste when it comes buying gifts for others or making my living environment “pretty”.

I do like things well-balanced, orderly and aesthetically pleasing.

I like peace and I’m fine with compromising so I guess “diplomatic” does suit me?

Am I fair? Yes. Clever? Yeah, I’ll take that one too. Non-confrontational? Usually yes.

Do I sound like a Libra? Click here and tell if your sign sounds like you.

#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 23) What is the best writing advice you have ever heard?

The best writing advice I’ve ever heard was not 100% related to writing. It was entire book about creativity.

Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear was an amazing and inspiring read for me.

A few years ago, it was my by-the-beach-read book and I remember thinking, “Wow, I could base a year’s worth of blog posts on this book!”

I enjoyed it so much that I forced myself to slow down my reading pace just to absorb and relate it back to my own writing struggles.

It spoke to every thought that has ever crossed my mind as a writer and as someone who allowed fear and the opinions of others get in the way of pursuing my passion.

If you’re looking for great read to inspire your own creativity, you should consider reading it.

I was even happier when I discovered that there was also a podcast based on it, Magic Lessons. I spent many Sundays listening and re-listening to the stories of creatives sharing their fears and issues.

That chapter on “Permission” was especially good and one piece of advice stuck out to me…

Just smile sweetly and suggest – as politely as you possibly can – that they go make their own f*cking art. Then stubbornly continue making yours.” (page 125)

If you are a writer, what is the best writing advice you ever had?


M xoxo








#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 22) Write about a lesson you learned the hard way

I’ve learned is to always follow my gut instinct.

It has never guided me in the wrong direction unless I’ve turned a blind eye, given someone another chance or the benefit of the doubt.

And I’ve always paid the price for it in some way.

Without getting into detail, the last time I didn’t follow my gut, I found myself locked inside a vacation home with no way of getting out unless I jumped from the window and wanted to risk breaking a body part.

To explain, the lock on the entrance door had a double deadbolt, which means that if someone locked the door from the outside, you would have to use a key on the inside to unlock and get out.

The problem was that the person I was traveling with had the key, had left to go God-knows-where while I was still asleep and had locked the door, never thinking twice that I wouldn’t be locked in if there was an emergency.

It was at that very instant that everything my gut had been telling me for months about the person I was traveling with became crystal clear. I started to panic, seriously thinking that I had been locked in on purpose…

Pre-trip, my gut had told me to:

  • simply not go for a multitude of reasons;
  • pack light and ensure that I had a list of local taxi numbers just in case I had to make a quick exit;
  • make sure that everyone knew who I was with and where I was in case something happened to me; and
  • pre-planning with a few friends to call me at specific times during the day to make sure that I was okay.

If I had followed my gut instinct in the first place, I would not have put myself in that precarious position. Even as I write this, it boggles my mind at how stupid I was.

The thoughts that raced through my mind that morning were enough for me to promise myself to never, ever go against my gut again.

And I have kept that promise to myself ever since that day.

(Side note: After the fact when I asked the vacation home owner “why” a double deadbolt was installed on the front door and she explained that if someone broke in when the place was unoccupied between guests, a thief wouldn’t be able to get out the front door.) 

What lesson have you learned the hard way? Share with me in the comments.


M xoxo

#30daywritingchallenge (Day 21) Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Do I really need to answer that question?

You should know what I’m going to say already.

I don’t like people.

Okay, that’s not 100% true.

I like people who I like.

Hmmm, that doesn’t sound much better either but you know what?

It’s true.

But I do like YOU. 🙂

I’m a people person when I like the people I’m around.

You know, normal people who have no airs, minimal fakeness, who aren’t trying to show off or one-up others. People with whom I feel less of a need to keep my guard up with.

If I can’t have some of that, please don’t invite me.

Well, you can invite me but please just let me politely decline or accept my excuse not to go.

If I feel forced to go, I’ll be watching the clock until it’s time to politely excuse myself or I’ll take a drink and a few of your snacks and quietly slip away somewhere, hoping that you forgot that you invited me in the first place.

I’ll also be the one trying my best to be engaged in a conversation but all the while thinking about what I could be doing in the comfort of my own home in my pyjamas with my own snacks.

So if I really need to answer the question – yes, I’m an introvert.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Share with me in the comments.






#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 20) What is your ultimate goal as a writer?

My goals as a writer are many…

To have most of my main female characters be unambiguously Black women who resonate with Black readers, Brown readers, those who know what it feels like to NOT be positively represented in the media and allies who know this to be true.

You see growing up, all the books I would voraciously read never reflected any girls who looked like me. Girls like me didn’t exist in “Little Women”, Nancy Drew or all the popular Judy Blume books I enjoyed. Even when I started writing my own little stories, my characters were a reflection of what I was reading – non-Black characters.

I am always over the moon when I see little Black girls reading books or magazines with girls who look like them on the cover.

One of the best things about indie writing and indie publishing is the amount of talented melanated authors who are already doing this.

To portray my main characters as what Black women truly are – intelligent, beautiful, feminine, confident, happy and keeping all of their options open when it comes to love.

I absolutely hate how the media still tries to stick Black women as the sassy advice-giving friend, wise-cracking side-kick or down-trodden struggling woman as if they aren’t worthy of front and center positive story lines where they are thriving with careers, good families and loving suitors who want them and only them. No, I won’t be perpetuating that nonsense – not on my watch and not in my stories.

To write stories that would appeal to women 35 years and up. 

Personally, I’m more interested in stories that reflect seasoned women dealing with more mature issues and adult life – second careers, finding love again, taking a new approach on life. I have nothing personal against stories where young women are growing into who they are as individuals, with significant others and life. But I find there are so many other layers to be told from the perspective of seasoned characters who have experienced life and all that comes with it.

To pull you in soooo deep into my stories with “feels” and well-placed cliffhangers that you will want to stalk me (in a good way) to ask “How could you end it like that?! Where is the sequel?”

I absolutely laughed at some of the WTF comments when I posted fiction for past A to Z Challenges and left certain parts of the story hanging.

It sounds mean but it is satisfying to know that I can elicit that kind of reaction. 🙂

So yes, those are just some my ultimate goals as a writer.

Now, it’s almost time to get back to writing!

Do you write? What is your ultimate goal as a writer?


M xoxo


#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 19) Something that you miss

First off, I will say that I miss reading your blogs and interacting with you.

Doing this daily challenge has reminded me of that and just how much I miss the exchanges with all of you. 😦

What else do I miss?

I’ll go the nostalgic route today.

I miss:

  • looking forward to a handwriting letter or a monthly magazine in the mail (anticipation);
  • quiet Sundays when everything was closed and everyone was going nowhere fast (down-time & relaxation);
  • when “dinner” meant sitting down eating as a family unit (quality-time & bonding);
  • summer cliffhangers of a tv show that kept people talking until the fall tv season (patience);
  • dropping the needle at just the right spot on an album (skill-building);
  • reading novel after novel after novel and basically being a bookworm (escapism);
  • the landline being the only way to be reached or retrieve a message (simplicity)

The older folks out there know what I’m talking about…Things are just so instant now that we don’t even have time to be grateful or appreciate the small things.

It sounds corny but I miss simpler times.

What could you add to this list of sentimental nostalgia? Feel free to add as many as you want in the comments box.



#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 18) List 13 songs that inspire your love scenes

For me, writing love scenes always need to have a certain level of romance, sexiness and sensuality, of course, depending on the character I’m writing.

I love it when a scene gives me the “feels”, allows me to almost visualize what’s going on, kind of like a movie in my head. That’s what sexy scenes in novels should be like.

If I want to write “sexy”, I need to get into the mood and music is the only way to go. If it means putting a song on repeat until I’ve hit the climax of the scene I’m drafting so be it. I have many playlists that fit this purpose.

As usual, when it comes to music, I could easily go overboard so I’ll be listing the first 13 sexy/romantic songs that I have written scenes to and I can hyperlink Youtube videos to. And yeah, 13 songs because I couldn’t choose 10!

As usual, all these songs “tell a song” with the lyrics, just as a song should!

Love Ballad


You Give Good Love

Two Occasions

Someone To Hold

Spend My Life With You (Quarantine version)

Rock Me Tonight

My My My

You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)

Only Human

Any Time, Any Place

Rock the Boat

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

And that’s the end of today’s challenge question.

What are some of your most favorite romantic/sexy songs?