Eating cake

My last blog post spoke to “Life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake.”

I had plans to take time and “eat the cake” in a number of boring small ways, like maximizing summer by taking my office “outside”, sprucing up my parent’s backyard since Covid has made them housebound for so long and simply taking time to get a bunch of important but random stuff since the world seems to be opening back up.

But none of that matters anymore, not even writing.

Right now, the only thing I care about is “eating cake” and as much of it as I can with one person.

What a difference a few weeks make.

And in those few weeks, I’ve learned things I didn’t care to learn, like how to use the brakes on a wheelchair, streamline a medication protocol to avoid confusion and what to look for in a power lift assist recliner when sleeping in a bed is problematic.

Friends, this is a friendly reminder that life can change in an instant.

And when they do, your true priorities become crystal clear.

Time for a hiatus…

For now, there is no trip to take, there are no shoes to buy since I don’t go anywhere and I am not a big cake eater.

But…life is indeed short and like I mentioned before, I will be taking a hiatus.

What am I going to do while I take a break?

Maybe I’ll start twisting my own hair again while I decide if I am brave enough to visit the salon before vaccine part 2…

Maybe I’ll take the time to find more ways to build my savings for a rainy day…

Or maybe I’ll find creative ways to “rest in my femininity” as I love to hear the younger generation of melanated ladies say…

Whatever I do decide to do, fiction writing will be involved and that is for sure.

So in the meantime, if you are new and stumble across my blog, feel free to peruse my fiction and other posts.

See you soon!

M xoxo

So glad it’s over!

And just like that, the A to Z Challenge is over and I need to rejuvenate.

Between this challenge, the daily work grind, and helping others deal with the loss of a loved one, it’s been a stressful month.

It doesn’t help that I have gotten about 6 hours sleep in the few days doing the family’s taxes for April 30th deadline after work. I was organized enough to prepare and file by the end of March but when that family tragedy struck…

All that to say that I will be taking a mini break while I sort myself out for the coming weeks. – nothing directly related to my fiction writing but more to do with the space a few peers and I would like to create for Gen X’ers like me.

I’ll also be spending time enjoying the works of some of my fellow friends/bloggers like Felicia Denise, Author who wrote such raw and powerful posts about grief and her feelings for the A to Z Challenge and What Sandra Thinks – Sandra who is always open, authentic and hilarious and her A to Z posts are pretty good too. 🙂

In the meantime, take care and stay well while I go and treat myself!

U is for Ultimatum #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

If you have to give him an ULTIMATUM about taking your relationship to the next level…

Sis, do I really need to finish that sentence?

Ok, I guess I do…

Don’t give any man an ULTIMATUM. Please, please and please don’t do it.

If you feel the need to do that to a man, it likely means that you haven’t been putting yourself and your needs first.

Scroll back to my A is for Action post and reread all of my posts.

T is for Time #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

Don’t let him waste your TIME.

Your TIME is valuable and though you may think that you are “young enough” and that you have a lot of it left, think again.

TIME stops for no one.

If commitment, children and/or marriage is what you want, don’t let him drag you along for 10 years if your limit is 2. Decide how much TIME you are willing to give the relationship but keep it to yourself. He doesn’t need to know about your time frames are. If he really wants you, he knows what he should do.

And don’t stay with him just because you have “invested” years in him and don’t want to start over with someone new.

It’s better to start over now with someone better for you than to stay with him and be miserable.