happy anniversary to me


I’ve been on WordPress for 5 years and what do I have to show for it?

Did I finally publish a book?


Did I become some kind of popular blogger?


Did I make money from blogging?


But I’ll tell you what did happen during those 5 years that’s more important than all of the above:

I learned the basics about blogging and got comfortable with expressing my thoughts in this space…

I learned to stop talking about my love of writing to those who think it’s unimportant because it’s not worth the frustration…

I’ve made a number of AMAZING online friends that I never would have met if it weren’t for taking a chance on that first WordPress Writing 101 course…


So happy anniversary to me and thanks for being the reason I keep sticking around.





(mostly) staying in my writing lane

A long while back, I started an off-shoot blog and my idea was to share a few personal anecdotes and my thoughts on the state of affairs outside of my writer’s blog.

You know, anecdotes about growing up in a world that didn’t glamorize, glorify or grant any attention to girls who looked like me.

A time where little Black girls didn’t see themselves in any light and even when they did, it was never a positive one.

A time where the hashtag #Blackgirlmagic would have been considered a terribly funny joke.

But thankfully with the power of the internet, the world is a much smaller place now and the world is finally recognizing that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Like this article from the Washington Post and this article below:

If you are looking to empower yourself as a Black woman, if you desire to level-up to be the best you can be for yourself and conquer the world alongside the squads of like-minded Black women waking up, there are resources and information out there to suit all needs.

I follow a handful of intelligent, life-experienced, and savvy female social media personalities who see us as “women first” (before anything else) and they have been doing an EXCELLENT job of providing guidance for years.

Naturally, I don’t blindly follow everything they say – I chew the meat and spit out the fat. I take what they say and then decide if it resonates with my personality and my world.

(I can privately share my handful with you if you DM me on Instagram.)

So with that in mind, I’m going to let that other off-shoot blog go. And there is no use in linking to it in this post because it will soon disappear into the ether early in the new year.

Besides the extra work and thought involved, I don’t need a completely different blog space to share my musings about non-fictional things that resonate with me.

As a storyteller, I can stay in my lane – my storytelling lane – and weave my messages and my experiences into my work, all the while using my main blog to voice whatever I like, whenever I like and however I like on other topics.

Like anyone else, there are different facets to me and that’s just the way it is. If certain readers don’t appreciate it when I raise deeper and more sensitive topics, so be it.

One thing is for sure, my niche readers and audience will stick around because they know that I’m writing for them just as much as I’m writing for myself.

Upwards, onwards!


M xoxo

what are you leaving behind? #2020 #newyear

It’s time for 2019 to leave and never come back.

Though I don’t blog as much and may not always comment, I know that 2019 has not been too kind to a number of you.

To be honest, the year hasn’t been the greatest for me either.

Bah hum bug.

Too much drama, work, unhealthiness, loss and sadness.

And certain changing landscapes of life that came too soon.

Yeah, your time is up 2019!

There are so many posts flying around social media about “What are you leaving behind in 2020?” and I like the idea of deciding what you don’t want to carry into a spanking brand new year.

Why is deciding what you don’t want easier than figuring out what you do want???

Off the top of my head, I have one thing at #1 on my list:

To leave behind my OCD-like habit of putting my oxygen mask on last to save everyone (including acquaintances) first.

That one item would have a huge ripple effect on EVERYTHING

I’ll suffer some guilt and a number of consequences but hopefully I’ll reap some benefits, like being able to breathe a little more deeply.

What is THE one thing you will leave behind in 2019?

What do you owe yourself in 2020?

I challenge YOU to write a quick post and drop it in the comment box OR simply comment here.

Let’s do this together! Go ahead and share this with your friends!

Here are a few links to get your brain juices flowing:
50 Bad Habits To Leave Behind In 2019 (easily applied to 2020)
In 2020, Let Go Of The Things That Hold You Back
20 Things To Let Go Of Before 2020

christmas hallmark hell – part 2 #hallmark #hallmarkchannel

Right after I posted my Christmas Hallmark Hell post, I decided to go on a diet from Hallmark Christmas movies until they are a little more reflective of today’s society.

I have nothing against the Hallmark Channel and I’m not saying that anyone should stop watching it too.

What I’m saying is that I’m not ashamed to say that I was always a bit “cancel culture” and long before the term became popular in the here and now. Actually, it’s less “cancel culture” and more like “if you don’t want me, I will spend my time and energy elsewhere” mentality.

I mean, though “Friends” was an okay tv show back in the day and I found some of the truthful female experiences behind certain “Sex In The City” storylines funny, those shows lost my attention when I realized that people of color were either non-existent, existed as heavy-handed stereotypes or were only integrated into the show after some viewers complained about the lack of diversity.

So my decision to ditch HC Christmas movies isn’t a harsh one, it’s just how I’ve rolled since my early twenties.

It was easy for me to simply walk away and not look back.

But it’s almost 2020 and by now, I shouldn’t feel the need to be walking away that much right?

This Part 2 to my original post is to underline how the universe works – not funny as in “haha” but funny as in this (stereotypical) “Mmmm”…

Since my post, I’ve heard about the Ellen Degeneres’ tweet, I’ve read about what one HC actors has said and a number of you have sent me different articles related to HC’s lame excuses.

So I guess that I’m not alone in my thinking. And I can’t stand excuses.

Thanks to all those who sent me titles of HC-type movies with diverse lead characters. For the fun of it, I will be checking them out. If you are interested in those movie titles too, you can check the comments of the other post.

And to that reader who suggested that I write my own Hallmark Christmas movie… 🙂





I’ve heard that those DNA kits advertised on the market aren’t worth their salt.

I didn’t say it – I’m saying that’s what I heard.

On a tv program a few months ago, identical twins were tested and their results were different.

I don’t know much about all that stuff but my non-scientific mind guesses that they are supposed to be the same?

Someone gave my folks the Ancestry DNA kits last Christmas and with their results, I know there is no need for me to take a test too.

I’m a product of my folks so I could base myself on their results (unless I was left on their doorstep).

But I’m still tempted to do it.

I like the idea of people “linked” to me reaching out and exchanging emails with “relatives”, distant or not.

But at the same token, I’m paranoid that the site could get hacked and my information used to for malicious intent. I don’t like the thought of my DNA information floating around in a company’s database.

Being cheap and paranoid, I will likely not do it but wouldn’t that be a crazy twist to use in a story?

You do DNA test for fun but find out that you aren’t who you think you are and your world is turned upside down?

Hmmm…it’s an idea.

What are your thoughts? Would you or have you done one of those ancestry dna test?

christmas hallmark hell

I’ve fallen into the Hallmark-type Christmas movie hellhole again.

I say “Hallmark-type” because I once had the Hallmark Channel as a freebie for a while.

It’s always the same story over and over again…

Big city girl returns to her small hometown to save the family’s inn/bakery/hotel/perfume company from a hostile take-over by good-looking man. Usually this good-looking man is a widow who or without a child. Big city girl falls in love said good-looking man before she finds out who he really is. Chaos ensues when she finds out his true identity. Good-looking man tries to apologize but she wants nothing to do with him until he decides to leave town. Someone gives her advice that leads her to chase after him. Then happily-ever-after occur.

You get the picture.


The dialogue usually sucks, everything in the storyline is beyond predictable and it always makes me laugh when the main female character explains her entire backstory within the first 5 minutes.

Double ugh when the couple falls in love at first sight within the first 10 minutes and it’s all sooooo cheesy.

And yet here I am again watching this mess. Somebody stop me. Please.

Over the past week on Netflix, I’ve run through How Sara Got Her Wings, Christmas with a View and Once Upon A Holiday. I actually fell asleep through all three but we all know how they end so…

The only two that I actually thought were kind of cute were Let It Snow (a teenage version of Love Actually) and The Knight Before Christmas (a different spin).

But as usual, these movies always get me thinking…

It’s almost 2020.

Are there no people of color as lead characters in any of these movies or am I just not bumping into them?

I challenge you to drop the Christmas Hallmark-type movies that have a female person of color as a lead character. I really would be most interested to know.