Looking Forward To YOUR A to Z Challenge #atozchallenge @AprilA2Z

Hey Lovelies!

Just wanted to stop in quickly and say THANK YOU for dropping by for my yesterday’s A to Z Challenge Reveal .

And THANK YOU for letting me know that you are participating too!

I’m still on “hiatus” but I will be getting to each one of your comments soon and visiting your space to check out your theme reveals.

I’m truly looking forward to all the wonderful reading in April!

Let’s have some fun!


M  xoxo




The 2018 A To Z Challenge Theme Reveal Is Today! @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge

The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal for 2018 is here!

I’m only crawling out of my “hygge/hiatus” today to join in on the A to Z Challenge theme reveal with all other participants across the globe. If you don’t know what the A to Z Challenge is, you can click here. And there is still time for you to sign up and join in!

Back in this post, I asked you for ideas (THANK YOU!) but nothing really stuck. I wanted do something different from my Delaney/Tyler/Ella/Tyler character snippets (2016) and the “Living To Die” story (2017).

After all of that thinking, I decided that I wanted to experiment with a topic that could provide a few real life lessons.

My theme for this year’s 2018 A to Z Challenge for 2018 will be a “personal journal” style fiction about:

Power & Control

Part of my personal challenge will be to make you forget that it is a fictional story. But if you have ever been in a toxic relationship, you will quickly recognize the red flags in the story. And if you’ve never had such an experience, hopefully this story will give you a taste of what one is like.

Here is a quick teaser.

“Breaking The Mirror” (title subject to change)

Photo by °<~ Gabrielle Sinatra ~>° on Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Note: I found the graphic above at http://foter.com/ff/photo/2553065984/94d2789c72/ and simply added the words from my story – Marquessa.

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“Black Was Never Beautiful” #1minfiction

This was written for this week’s One Minute Fiction photo prompt at “Lovely Curses“. I’m considering this as creative non- fiction.

Black was never beautiful.

The photographers were not of our choosing. Our photos were taken with the smallest aperture, lacking perspective and underexposed for our likeness.

Photos that were oftentimes already faded and placed into a broken frame, if there was even a frame to spare…

But the tides are turning and with each passing day, we realize that Black is beautiful…that Black was always beautiful.

Stepping out of the darkness, standing in the light and being our own photographers, we simply needed to take our own pictures and reflect the beauty of ourselves.

2018. All rights reserved. Marquessa Matthews

“How To Do The A to Z Challenge” #WisdomWednesday #bloghop @Shalz75 @slimexpectation

This post was written for #WednesdayWisdom with Shalzmojo and SlimExpectations

When Shalini and Zainab asked me to contribute to their #WisdomWednesday blog hop related to the A to Z Challenge that takes place every April, I was more than happy to comply.

I’m not sure what new tips I can give you but I can definitely tell you about my experience.

April 2018 will be my third time participating in the A to Z Challenge and my experiences so far have only been positive. Not only have I always made new writer friends and discovered fantastic new blogs, A to Z helped me produce pieces of fiction of which I am proud. I have since taken down most of my first year’s participation (fiction based on song titles) but my last year’s project, a 26 installment fiction piece called “Living To Die“, is what I am planning on publishing as a novella this year. If you are interested in reading what I posted last year, you can find it by clicking here.

If you plan on participating in the A to Z Challenge this year, I have a few pieces of advice for you to successfully win the Challenge.

Start Early – Though I chose a theme last year and had a general idea of what kind of fiction I wanted to write, I was a “pantser” from 22h00 to 23h59 every night, six days a week with no outline. My only rule was to keep up with the daily alphabet and not fall behind. But writing that intensively made me exhausted by the end of April and I didn’t have the pleasure of reading as many other blogs as I would have liked.

Don’t let this happen to you. Plan ahead and pre-write most of your posts otherwise you will miss out on great reading. Not only do I plan on drafting mine in March, I am thinking about having an Instagram component to it too.

Choose a Theme that Resonates with You – A theme is not mandatory but if you have one, your writing will likely be more focused and inspired.

  • Do you love baking and would love an excuse to post recipes according to the alphabet?
  • Maybe you are a film fanatic and want to share your favorite A to Z movies with readers?
  • And one of my favorites, maybe you are a guerilla gardener who has 26 gardening hacks to share?

Last year, my theme was based on words associated with Hawaii and every post I wrote was linked to it – “malasadas”, “na”au“… My theme kept me on track to my end game (“zori”) and I wasn’t distracted by any other ideas.

Experiment – Take a risk and write outside the box. Write something you normally wouldn’t write. I did and my last project worked out better than I could have hoped. It’s only 26 posts, right? What do you have to lose?

Choose a Theme that Resonates with Others: When others officially “reveal” their theme near the end of March, you’ll get a taste of the blogs you could follow for the month of April and maybe even after the official challenge is over. And if you want others to read your posts, your theme needs to resonate with them too. My trip to Hawaii and all the beautiful pictures I had taken was the reason why I chose that location as a theme. It was only afterwards that I realized that “Hawaii” would attract readers who:

  • enjoy travel;
  • had traveled to Hawaii;
  • wanted to go to Hawaii; and
  • those who enjoy fiction.

On my end, I followed lots of themes that revolved around fiction, travel and the indie writing process.

Write Short Posts – I DID NOT FOLLOW THE RULE of writing short posts. And yes, I did receive a few “complaints/constructive criticism” telling me that my posts should have been shorter…that I would get more “hits” and “reads” if my posts were shorter. It was a very valid point BUT getting as many readers as I could was not my main objective. The audience I focused on where those interested in the ongoing journey of Kate. When I write, I write in “scenes”, end a story where it feels natural but at a point that you will be seduced to come back to for more…So if your goal is to get as many readers as possible, yes, you should consider creating short posts. But if your posts touch your reader, they will come back, regardless of the length of your post.

Make a List – As you read through other participant blogs, you will quickly realize that you will need a system to keep track of the ones you fall in love with. Some use a simple Word document, others create a feed in their browser. I am an Evernote freak so every time I encountered a blog that I wanted to follow for the entire challenge I added it to my Evernote “A to Z List”.

Those are some of my tips. Hopefully they are helpful to you.

I strongly encourage you to take part – it has always been a great way to produce. Feel free to drop me a line during the A to Z!

Good luck!

M xoxo

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of January 1: “Blast Off”

Happy New Year Everyone!
Hope you had a great fun ringing in 2018! If you are still awake, why not start the year off write with a one minute challenge?
“Blast off” is today’s prompt for the One Minute Fiction challenge. Get yourself ready, WRITE and participate directly on Lovely Curses!
Comments will be turned off on this post.

Lovely Curses

Happy New Year! Do you aspire to write more flash fiction in 2018?  Want to explore how quickly an idea sparks after looking at a picture, a word, a phrase–how quickly you can develop that idea into a complete story?

Well, do I have the perfect challenge for you! And it’ll only take a minute of your time!

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction challenges you to write a complete micro-fiction piece in, you guessed it, one minute, no more, no less, based on the prompt provided! Of course, you can come back to edit for grammar & spelling, but the story itself must be written in a minute.

Most of us spent the last minute of 2017 counting down as the clock ticked to 12:00AM, January 1, 2018. It made me think– What else do we count down for? Rocket launches! So while 2017 might have been a down year for some of us, let’s be lifted up by this week’s prompt…

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The Fun Of A Threesome #weekendcoffeeshare #amwriting #lyricalfictionfriday

Gif found at: https://giphy.com/gifs/charmladonna-l3vRkqP3LOfNb2276

Now that I’ve got your attention about threesomes (which I will get to in a minute), I wanted to say THANK YOU to all those that have participating in and sharing my #LyricalFictionFriday Challenge . I truly appreciate your participation and totally enjoy reading YOUR fiction.

In addition to the “loose rules” listed on the #LyricalFictionFriday Challenge Page, please remember that:

  • Your participation can include creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, prose;
  • Your piece can be as long, short, paranormal, romantic, anything else that you want;
  • There are no word limits so no need to apologize for longer works;
  • Participate when the mood strikes you. Don’t stress yourself if you can’t participate every week;
  • If you don’t like the week’s lyric, you can choose an older one (just pingback to the correct post);
  • Feel free to “re-purpose” previous works of fiction if you can’t create a new piece – that is what I will continue doing for the next while; and
  • the upcoming lyrics are posted on the Page if you would like an advance peek; and that

I’m also continuing my partnership with two other lovely writers-bloggers to promote my challenge Lyrical Fiction Friday Reveal on Thursdays as I cross-promote their respective challenges on Mondays and Saturdays.

  • Nortina’s One Minute Fiction Challenge on Mondays at Lovely Curses where Nortina posts a prompt (word, phrase, photo) and your challenge is to write a piece a piece of fiction in one minute. I will admit to cheating over the past weeks by using the “minute” to find endings to some unfinished pieces but I promise to be good in 2018!
  • Helen’s Song Lyric Sunday Challenge Reveal on Saturdays at This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time where Helen posts a “theme” on Saturdays and your job is to dig through your music collection and post your take on theme on your blog on Sundays.

Like I said, there is fun in a threesome because Nortina, Helen and I are providing you with three opportunities to participate and make new friends!

If you participate when I reblog Nortina and Helen’s posts on Mondays and Saturdays, please be sure to participate directly on their respective blogs so that other participants can see your post and comment!

Take moment now to check out their blogs and prepare to have some fun!

Cheers and enjoy the holiday weekend!

M xoxo

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of November 20

It’s that time again! #1MinFiction Monday!!! If you have one minute, you have time to join in! Comments will be turned off so please participate directly on Nortina’s blog!
M xoxo

Lovely Curses

Rise and shine! Time to get out your stop watches, exercise your typing fingers, and pick your brains for some quick creativity.

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction challenges you to write a complete micro-fiction piece in, you guessed it, one minute, no more, no less, based on the prompt provided! Of course, you can come back to edit for grammar & spelling, but the story itself must be written in a minute.

Your prompt may be a photo, or a word, or a sentence—whatever inspires me, and hopefully inspires you too.

This month, I’m partnering with Marquessa at Simply Marquessa to bring you #1MinFiction and her Fiction Friday song lyric challenge, #MarquessaChallenge. So be sure to stop by her blog this Friday for more fun prompts (and to build an awesome playlist too! 😉 )

This Thursday is Thanksgiving! A time when we gather together with family and loved ones, express our…

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