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When I felt his eyes on me, I immediately regretted having pushed my to-do list late into the evening hours.

With the change of seasons, it was already getting darker faster and in the badly-lit and bare parking lot, this dude was totally creeping me out. I hustled into the entrance of the hardware store as quickly as I could.

I’m usually aware of my surroundings so that’s how I noticed him almost right away. He had been staring at me as he had approached his car with one lonely bag in his hand. He had popped his trunk, thrown the bag into it and then continued staring. What creeped me out was the “something” in his eyes that I could see through the darkness. It gave me a sick ache in the pit of my stomach.

I was even more creeped out when he slammed his trunk and I realized that he was following behind me.

Strange how your brain processes information really fast when it needs to.

Why is he going back into the store when he just came from there? Is he following me? No, relax and stop being paranoid!

I joined the returns line near the main entrance and waited for what felt like an eternity before nonchalantly turning around to see where he had gone. Our eyes immediately made four. He was about 3 customers away from me in the same line.

What the f***? He’s got nothing in his hands to return…

For the first time in my life, I was glad that it was a long line. It gave me time to think.

Did I tell anyone about my errands and where I was going tonight? Should I call my brother and tell him where I am in case something were to happen? No, that might freak him out.

If I leave the line now, Weird Dude knows where I parked and could simply follow me back to my car…or even home. No, you can’t go straight back to your car.

It was my turn at the cashier. I handed her my bill and credit card and all the while, my thoughts were elsewhere. I looked back. Now, there were about four customers behind him.

As I placed my credit card back into my wallet, I played it cool and walked through the turnstile into the main part of the store. Stopping at the first aisle, I turned around to see that he was unsuccessfully trying to get himself out of the line, first from the back and then from the front. Other customers were getting annoyed with him trying to jostle past them.

I need to lose him. If I walk along the back aisles of the store, it would be easier to do it.

But as I did, I realized that with only one set of exit doors, he could be waiting there or even near my car. I immediately regretted wasting time and not going back directly to my car in the first place.

I called a friend who stayed on the line with me as we tried to decide on my next move.

And that’s when I decided to act like a creep myself.

I shadowed a man and his young son who was enjoying a lollipop headed in the same direction as my car. Fortunately, the man didn’t realize that I was invading their personal space but I was close enough for the child to eye me suspiciously as if I was about to steal the lollipop out of his hand.

Sorry kid, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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Originally posted on September 24, 2015

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5 Cleaning Tips for When You Really Don’t Have Time

I read somewhere in the blogsphere that “top five” or “best tips” are quite popular as posts.

So I have decided to share my top 5 cleaning tips that will force you to clean your place when you really don’t have the time.


Because let’s face it, if you had the time, you wouldn’t be “forced” to do it, right?

Tip #1. Prepare your large “commute to-go” mug with homemade iced coffee on top of the stove (instead of on the actual kitchen counter like normal people). When you reach to pick it up, make sure that you knock it over, spilling its contents behind and down the two sides of the stove. This will force you to pull the stove out and clean an area that you haven’t seen or cleaned since you moved in;

Tip #2. Instead of pouring yourself some sour cherry juice into a glass, be lazy and decide to drink it straight from the bottle. But before you do, don’t check that the cork is secure and shake, shake, shake. When the red juice flies all over your white kitchen walls, you’ll have no choice but to wash them with TSP or maybe even repaint;

Tip #3. When a relative calls and asks if they can stay with you when they are in town, you say okay. Then, when they tell you to pick them up at your local airport in 5 hours, go have yourself a mini break down and then get crackin’.  You’ll speed clean the entire house within 3 hours (just don’t let anyone open the closets);

Tip #4. Smoothies for breakfast? Keep the lid of the blender just a little loose before you press the “On” button. Refer back to #1 and #2.

And my ultimate favorite…

Tip #5. Have yourself a nice lobster dinner the night before leaving for a long (summer) weekend and forget to take the “inside” garbage to the “outside” garbage container. I’ll let you discover on your own what kind of cleaning this will entail.

Fortunately, I have only followed each one of the tips above once.

Let me know the results if you decide to try any! 🙂

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Originally post August 27, 2015





One of Us Would Not Be Leaving The House Alive Tonight

Besides the glare of my laptop screen and the glow of the television, my home office was almost pitch black.

So when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, I immediately turned to see what it was.

Face to face with the unexpected, I screamed and jumped to my feet, almost crashing my laptop to the floor. My breathing was quick and shallow and my heart tried to jump out of my chest.

For a split second, I saw the scared look in his eyes as he stared back me. It is was obvious that he hadn’t expected to find someone home, namely me sitting alone in the dark.

I had surprised him.

And just as suddenly as he had appeared, he took off down the hall.

In that moment, I decided that it was either going to be him or me but one of us would not be leaving the house alive tonight.

And it would definitely not be me.

I knew that I had to fight.

I would not allow myself to be victimized again. It had only been two months since the last incident and I was fed up.

I ran out of the room, trying to follow behind but he had disappeared. I needed something to defend myself but the only thing around was the broom I had been too lazy to put back into the utility closet the day before.

I grabbed it and tiptoed down the hall, keeping my eyes peeled for him.

I knew that he couldn’t have gotten far so I stood with my back to the wall and waited. And waited. And waited.

When I saw a small dark blur scurry from under the living room couch to behind the bookcase, I swallowed my scream and readied my broom.

There was no way in hell I could even consider going to bed knowing that he was in my house.

It was going to be a long night.

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Originally posted on July 21, 2015.

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