Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates #hiatus #marquessa

According to Forrest, life is like a box of chocolates ’cause you never know what you’re going to get.

And these days you don’t know what you’re going to get from me. Some of you enjoy my random posts but I don’t know if I do.

What I do know is that I’m tired and I feel unfocused. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been having one too many absentminded incidents that are signs that I need to “gift” myself more room to breathe.

I realized all of this a few weeks ago as I lay flat on my stomach in a parking lot surrounded by the bags I was carrying to the car.

And as I lay there wondering how in the hell I fell in the first place, a little voice in my head whispered, “Slow down girl.”

Concerned shoppers rushed to help me get up and pick up my stuff. But you know what surprised me more than my fall, I didn’t even have the energy to think about feeling embarrassed at my spectacular spill.

I’m going to take that little voice’s suggestion and slow down by not posting anything new on this WP blog for the rest of the summer…

A real hiatus where the post you are reading right now will be the same one you see until September 2018…

Some real rest and a little disconnection to rejuvenate and come back feeling like this…

But I’ll be around.

I can’t resist pretty things so l’ll be around Instagram, reading your posts here and there and being in touch with those on my email list.  

I’ll continue my editing of my novellas and take a stab at book covers.

And if you are new and just stumbled onto my blog, feel free to check out my Fiction tab in the menu bar because “fiction” is what I’m all about!

I’ll be back…Enjoy your July and August!

M xoxo



Being Authentic Online #writing

Photo credit: DJOtaku via / CC BY-NC-SA

(Updated repost)

My fear of being authentic on this blog died a long time ago.

After some trial and error, making choices about what I would and not write about and being cautious in general, I’m as authentic as I can be in this space, though:

  • I don’t write about my work life;
  • I limit what I share about my family; and
  • I wait and breathe before writing about current events that get deep under my skin, if I write about them at all (though recent currents events make my fingertips itch.

But I was thinking…

Can a writer truly be authentic if they have to place limits on what they say?

Then, I came across the answer in this TinyBuddha article:

“Authenticity doesn’t have to mean complete transparency, but it does mean acknowledging what you really think and feel. Very rarely does a person think and feel only things that align with a polished online persona.”

Well, I’m not interested in having “a polished online persona”, at least, not at this point in time.

I’ll just continue striving for “authenticity” by sharing the times when my inner voice escapes my lips, I suffer from episodes of midnight madness or when I invite you to take a seat with me at the family dinner table.

For you writers and bloggers, how authentic do you feel you can be online? 

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How To Swallow…

Totally random post as I sit here pretending to be a tourist in Old Montreal watching a Robin Williams lookalike swallow balloons…

Fully equipped with an overpriced iced coffee, the large colorful hat I usually reserve for down South and sunglasses, no one has stopped me for directions so I know that I’m “pretending” quite well.

Though I picked the wrong day for a stroll (way too hot) and wanted a change of scenery, it has been worth it.


I’ve got an idea for a new short story.

Can you guess what the storyline will involve? And no, not a man swallowing balloons for tips…😁

M xoxo

What Does Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Say About You?

I was cleaning up and came across some Ziggy cartoons I had kept from when I was a kid.

I always felt sorry for Ziggy, his misfortunes and how he would always find himself between a rock and a hard place.

Poor Ziggy.

Then I started to think about the “why” behind my liking that cartoon strip and what it says about me…

Was that an early sign of my “fighting for the underdog” mentality and my soft spot for wanting to help people?

Then there was Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes who had the wise-cracking mouth. He would get into trouble, do whatever he wanted with his partner in crime Hobbes and said things I could never dream of saying out loud as a kid.

Was I admiring his feisty attitude since I was far from being a rebellious kid? I guess so.

Cathy, Dilbert, Dennis the Menace, For Better of For Worse…

Think about what cartoon strips you liked or still like reading, what you think it says about you and share it in the comments.

M  xoxo


Flirty Flirt Flirt #flirty

All I needed were two duplicate keys made at Home Depot and this is my somewhat funny story…


It is the equivalent to 35 degrees Celsius outside, I’m dripping in sweat, not looking my best and a little annoyed that I can’t find a soul to help me in the store. Granted, it is about 20 minutes to closing before the store shuts for the long weekend but I need to get ,my duplicates made asap. The only worker I can find is a guy sitting in the Window and Doors section in conversation with another client.

When he is free, I approach him, jingle my keys and ask him in French if there is anyone around who can make doubles of my house keys.

(Believe me, I was not looking like this girl below).

He smiles and says, “Yes, I can definitely help you with that.”

The guy pushes back from his desk, stands up, stands up and stands up some more…

He is at least 6’7, if not taller. All I know is that my neck hurts looking up at him.

He is sooooo tall that I find myself saying, “Oh my God, can you be any taller?” out loud and in English.

I blame a mini heat stroke for letting my inside head voice escape my lips and hope that he doesn’t understand English. I’m not that lucky.

He laughs, takes my keys away and says that if he had been an inch or two taller, he could have had a career in basketball or football.

We chit chat about plans for the holiday weekend as he starts up the key making machine. That’s when I realize that he’s not using one of those “do-it-yourself kiosk” thingamabobs where you simply stand back and the machine does everything on its own.

I joke around and tell Mr. Home Depot that he had better replicate the keys properly because I rarely frequent Home Depot and if he doesn’t do a good job, I will come back and hunt him down to blame him. He looks down at me, smiles and proceeds to say, “Well, what’s wrong with that? I wouldn’t mind you coming back to look for me. I wouldn’t mind that at all…”

Though I’m still semi-delirious from the heat, I’m not delirious enough to miss what Mr. Home Depot is doing and neither is the old dude in the aisle standing nearby. Old Dude turns to chuckle at Mr. Home Depot before saying, “Flirty flirt flirt” under his breath. Then Old Dude smirks and goes back to looking for a box of screws on the shelf and minding his own business.

I counter Mr. Home Depot’s smile with my own and say, “Are you saying that you would purposely screw up my keys just so that I come back here looking for you? That’s not nice.”

He says nothing as he finishes off the process. Then, he hands me all my keys, smiles even wider, his eyes laughing at me.

“I’m not saying anything at all. I guess that you’ll just have to wait until you get home to see if I’m nice…or naughty. It’s not like you would be locked out of your house or anything. You still have the originals…”

I don’t have an opportunity to “read” him because the intercom announces that the store is closing. And it’s a good thing because I have no energy for witty flirty repartee left in my sweaty body so I simply ask, “You’re kidding with me right now…right? These keys will work, won’t they?”

Mr. Home Depot shrugs his shoulders and cocks his head to the side. “Maybe…maybe not. Have yourself a great Canada Day weekend.”

I don’t look back at him as I head to the counter to pay $10 for keys that might not even work when I get home…

Tell me if you think Mr. Home Depot was naughty or nice.

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M xoxo




No Creative Flow #notwriting

I’ve been re-blogging quite a bit lately.

No, I don’t have writer’s block. Thankfully, I have never suffered from that disease. With a notebook full of ideas and two novellas in need of some TLC and beta reader feedback, I could easily keep myself busy.

But I don’t feel like writing.

Since I’ve gotten back from my holiday last month, it feels like EVERYTHING around me needs 100% of my attention – RIGHT NOW or YESTERDAY. And my post-vacation drama trauma set the downhill tone for this past month.

I can’t catch my breath and the harder I try to keep up with everything, the more it feels like I’m getting nowhere fast with the things I want to do and need to do.

Everyone suffers from stress but when it’s your stress, you feel like you’re drowning.

Writing usually relieves my stress but being too busy to write, the stress is accumulating and making me feel blah.

And feeling blah means that I have no creative flow.

And no creative flow means that I don’t feel like writing.


It’s like a stupid catch 22.


What do you do to get back into your creative flow?

 M  xoxo



Spam #wordpress #spam

What’s up with all the spam?

I’ve been getting dozens and dozens of the same one word message in my Spam Folder:


Yeah, that’s always the message… Just that one word…”What?”

Of course, I still get those annoying “I read your post and could help you get more traffic” messages but for some off reason, “What?” is more annoying.

Is it just me or are you experiencing an increase of WP spam?

M xoxo