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M xoxo

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#WriterWednesday: Taking It Personally #blogging #writing

A few weeks ago, I totally ignored Don Miguel Ruiz’s second agreement:

Don’t take anything personally“.

Let me give you the Coles notes version.

Knowing my love of music, one of my readers told me about a fellow blogger’s music challenge. When I checked it out, I loved the idea so much that I asked that blogger if she would like to cross-promote and she graciously agreed.

We’ve been having great FUN ever since.

Both of our respective challenges revolve around music and are just for fun – her challenge revolves around the fun of digging through your music collection to fit the week’s theme and my challenge asks writers to create a fiction piece based on a song lyric.

We enjoy exchanging with other like-minded music lovers and fiction writers like ourselves.

I even reached out and told some fiction friends I met during the A to Z Challenge and #Barathon as well as a few others whose blogs I follow and who I know share music. They were all cool with it and happy that I had let them know.

All except for one. I’ll affectionately call this one blogger “G” (as in “Grinch”).

Photo credit: pareeerica via / CC BY-NC-SA

From following his/her posts, I knew that G often posted music and I thought that s/he might be interested in joining in on the music fun part.

I was wrong.

The sharpness and the tone of this blogger’s response totally took me for a loop. This is an edited snippet of G’s response:

Have you encouraged that individual to visit my page? I only visit people who show interest in my blog…In the future, please refrain from unsolicited advertisements of other sites. Those will result in being marked as “spam” and being perma-blocked…”

My initial thought was “What?” followed by the contradiction in the first two sentences. How does a blogger/writer expect to build community when they are only open to showing interest in those who read their blog?

Sure, as bloggers, we are all a little narcissistic since we often talk about ourselves but only visiting blogs who show an interest in yours?

Alrighty then…

I’m not a quid pro quo blogger. I don’t follow and read others with the expectation that they will do the same. I read tons of bloggers that don’t follow me. I might enjoy what they write but if they don’t enjoy what I write, I don’t expect them to visit more than once or follow me. As readers, we can’t all have the same interests – that’s what makes the world go around.

To be quite honest, G’s response broke my heart a little bit, making me feel as if I had done something underhanded and sneaky when all I was being was friendly – the same way I’ve mentioned a new release of a fantasy sci-fi book to a blogger who I know enjoys fantasy sci-fi or forwarded a link via comment about NaNoWrimo to a writer who says that they want to write a novel in a short period of time.

Simply a friendly gesture.

But in an instant, I allowed G’s negativity to turn me into a “tit for tat” blogger.

Though I replied in a diplomatic way, I will admit that my tone was steeped deep in total annoyance. Not only did I invite that blogger to unfollow me, I told them I was unfollowing and then promptly unfollowed him/her. That’s how annoyed I was.

Should I have taken the comment personally?

Maybe not but in that moment, I chose to take it personally. There are times when you need to boomerang back what someone gives you and that’s what I did. And I don’t regret it.

But after my annoyance subsided, I actually felt a little sad for G. In hindsight, most of G’s posts were tinged with quiet undertones of negativity against society which I let slide due to the heaviness of the subject matter they usually posted about. But now I realize that G may simply have been a sour person unable to recognize what “friendly” looks like.

There is always at least one positive lesson to be learned from any negative experience and these are the takeaways from mine:

  • If your open hand is met with a closed fist when you reach out with the best of intentions, it says nothing about you but a lot about the other person;
  • Don’t be shy to say what you want to say in a diplomatic way;
  • Shake their negativity from your spirit. Who knows what they may be going through in their lives;
  • Unfriendly bloggers are very rare so focus your energy on the friendly WP folk; and
  • Remove them from your Reader. You don’t need others dulling your shine.

If I ever encounter another G, I will simply have two words for them (and no, not the two words that you are thinking of 😊).

My two words will simply be “Thank you”…as in “thank you” for helping me appreciate the other 99.9% positive WordPress folks I have encountered over the years in the community.

And I thank YOU for continuing to share, exchange, read and comment.

M xoxo

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#TribeTuesdayWPChallenge: Will You Come Out And Play On Tribe Tuesday?

Photo credit: carlaarena via / CC BY-NC

I thrive on writing challenges.

From the first WordPress Blogging University courses to NaNoWriMo‘s (50K words in 30 days) and to the A to Z Challenge (26 themed post during the month of April), writing challenges get my juices flowing. During the last A to Z Challenge, I pushed myself hard to finish the day’s letter of the alphabet before the clock struck midnight and though I was running on fumes, the sense of accomplishment each night and exchanging with other WP participants kept me going. It was almost like magic.

But now, I want to thrive on “life enhancement” challenges…

I tried to apply the challenge concept to my non-writing life with my 52 Things in 52 Weeks and though I did accomplish a number of items (and I still will), my list was more tasks and “to-do” driven.

So before the 2018 New Year crazy hype begins, I want to start focusing on developing 12 new habits life that will enhance my life by tackling 1 habit per month for 30 days in a row.

It supposedly takes 21 days to develop a habit so 30 days would solidly reinforce it, right?

Since the WP community is a great way to source other like-minded people with similar interests, I’m looking for a tribe of 12 blogger/writers who would like to join in with their own 12 challenges.

As a “tribe” (yes, I’m using that young hip and trendy word that is all over the internet machine) we would each post the habit we are going to slay for 30 days and the “why” behind it, we would support each other and then post about the lessons, successes and not-so-successful experiences on a Tuesday on our respective blogs.

It could be any habit and does not have to relate to blogging and/or writing, for example, making your bed, leaving work on time to get home, reconnecting/connecting with a different friend via Bluetooth in the car as you drive home, giving up sugar, bringing your lunch to work every day…It could be anything YOU feel would make a difference in YOUR life.

I already know what my first 30 day challenge will be…


NaNoWriMo will fit nicely into #21earlydays since my plan is to write my 1,667 words early in the morning.

I’ll post more details about this #TribeTuesdayWPChallenge next Tuesday.

If you were to join in with me, what would one your 12 items be?

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#WriterWednesday: The Writer’s Job Is To… #writer #amwriting

I absolutely adore this quote because it is so true.

If we don’t put obstacles in a character’s way, how will we show their personal development?

I still have yet to actually “kill off” a character but from what I’m told, it’s a great way to shake things up.

What are your favorite “obstacles” to put in your character’s way?

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#WriterWednesday: The Only 12 1/2 Writing Rules You’ll Ever Need #writer #writing

I strive for #6, have #9 on lock and still need to master #12 1/2.

Which ones resonate with you dear writer?

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Introducing Kindle Scout Candidate – Blood Match – By Don Massenzio #share #kindlescout

Introducing Kindle Scout Candidate – Blood Match – By Don Massenzio

blood match front coverBlood Match, a new thriller by Don Massenzio is currently a candidate in the Kindle Scout Program.

What is the Kindle Scout Program?

Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. … Selected books will be published by Kindle Press and receive 5-year renewable terms, an advance, royalties and featured Amazon marketing.

A Little about the book:

Intelligence analyst Jake Balrich boards his Monday morning flight, as he has so many times, for routine field work. When the plan lands, a passenger fails to wake up. Jake soon realizes that the death was not accidental and that the murderous plot was meant for him.

The situation soon spins out of control with Balrich running for his life trying to prove his own innocence as he struggles with an unknown enemy that seems to guess his every move.

Blood Match is a terrorism thriller that examines how far someone will go to reach the height of power and ambition with little regard for human life.

Follow Jake, Balrich as he enlists the help of Commander Brad Rafferty, to take down an enemy more powerful and dangerous than the United States has ever faced.

Some of you may recognize this story. It originally appeared as a weekly serial on my blog under the name Road Kill. The story has been reworked and many extras have been added to turn it into this novel.

Why is it a Kindle Scout Candidate?

If Don’s book is selected for publication by Kindle Scout, it can help take his writing to the next level in terms of exposure and recognition.

How can you help?

First and foremost, you can vote to nominate the book. The campaign goes up on September 20th at midnight and will continue through October 20th. You can vote for it and preview the opening of the book by clicking HERE.

How can you help even more?

Spread the word. Don has made it easy for you using something called Thunderclap. Thunderclap is a social media tool that allows you to effortlessly spread the word using your social media accounts with a pre-written message. All of your followers will receive the message. You can help by signing up for the Thunderclap campaign HERE.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from Don’s eternal gratitude, if his book is selected, you will receive a free pre-launch copy from Amazon and will have the opportunity to officially review it before its launch. That is a free book for you, but it also help, yet again, by allowing the book to launch with established reviews.


A Writer Can Never Have Too Many Notebooks #share @whatsandrathnks #Redbubble

A writer can never have too many notebooks or journals.

I usually can’t help myself when I see an awesome collection of colorful shiny ones like the photo above.

But my preference of buying products that are original, away from the big box stores and not run of the mill always prevails.

I like “different”, unique and to have gear that others likely don’t have.

So it’s awesome to discover that one of your favorite bloggers, Sandra at What Sandra Thinks has her own array of original notebooks, journals, T-shirts, and other goodies on Redbubble at What Sandra Makes.



Quite talented with the art she has posted on her blog,I’ll be taking a closer look at Sandra’s products!

Check out this link below, support an independent artist, and SHARE!

Source: whatsandramakes | Redbubble