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Yes, I’ll be taking a little hiatus / hygge  and will be back on March 19, 2018.

Going forward, there will be a few changes to this blog (format and content) that I’ll be mulling over during my time away from this space.

What I do know is that:

  • after this year’s April 2018 A to Z Challenge, my fiction will be limited to either my Facebook Page , the Facebook Group I’m creating or the email list subscribers. Only novella-related teasers will be found on this blog;
  • the “Living To Die” draft is being taken down from the blog; and
  • non-fiction and non-writing related topics will find a new home at “Spilling Lemonade“, which may be of interest to those who comment on my posts about being a woman, a person of color and or being 40-something.

If you are already on my emailing list, you will be the first to know what’s up (and you will receive free copy of “Living To Die” once it’s done). You’ll also get advanced teaser sneak peeks of my 2018 A to Z Challenge story.

In the meantime, I would LOVE for you to do the following for me:

  1. “Like” my Facebook Page that appears on this page;
  2. Sign up for my email list if you are interested in keeping up with my fiction.
  3. Check out “Spilling Lemonade” if you are interested.

Thanks again for your support and see you on March 19th for the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal!

M xoxo


Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of February 26

There is time like the present! Check out “today’s” photo prompt and participate in One Minute Fiction!

Lovely Curses

Rise and shine! May I borrow a minute of your morning for a quick flash fiction challenge? How quickly does an idea spark and develop into a story when you only have a picture, a word, or a phrase…and one minute to write?

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction challenges you to write a complete micro-fiction piece in, you guessed it, one minute, no more, no less, based on the prompt provided! Of course, you can come back to edit for grammar & spelling, but the story itself must be written in a minute.

Hello, February! Ah, so many great things happen in February—the Super Bowl, the Winter Olympics, Black History Month, Black Poetry Writing Month…

I’ve been inspired by my Black Poetry Writing Month challenge to give you some BlaPoWriMo-themed prompts for #1MinFiction. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

All month long for BlaPoWriMo, we’ve been going on a journey through black history and…

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To My Email Subscribers, I Know That I’ve Been A Bad Girl… #email #listbuilding #marquessamatthews

Yes, I apologize to my email subscribers for not been keeping up with them over the past few months.

When life takes over, certain things have to be put aside, right?

On that note, I’ll keep it brief.

I sent out a newsletter to my email subscribers today so be sure to check your email inbox. There is an update on what I have been up to and what I’m planning for the next few months. In the newsletter, I also included a little “tease” to the first installment of my “A” in the upcoming A to Z Challenge that I have started working on.

Though the official A to Z Challenge reveal is not until March 19th, I will say that what I’m challenging myself to write fiction revolving around the wheel further below.

If you are intrigued and interested in some advance “teasers” through my newsletter, you can sign up for my email list here.

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Monday’s One Minute Fiction Reveal for 02/19/2017: “Protest”

It’s time for #1MinFiction! This week’s theme is “Protest”. Please participate directly on the link below.

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“Material Girl” @kegarland #selflove #selfworth



I’ve been following Dr. KE Garland’s “How Do You Love Yourself” February series and love it! The graphic you see to the left is one of her lovely “kwotes”!

The daily tidbits she’s been sharing are quite inspiring. You should check it out!

The posts have made me realize just how important self-care is and how we need to take care of ourselves, even when it involves the purchase of certain material things.

Though I truly dislike shopping, I finally bit the bullet and shopped for “things I need right now” list. Mind you, these were not impulse purchases – I had budgeted for them.

It costs a pretty penny but it is so warm!


-30C waterproof boots


A new cell and laptop that don’t shut off on their own all the time…

These purchases didn’t take a lot of time so I was procrastinating for nothing. Now I feel lighter about checking them off my list.

What have you been doing to take care of yourself?

M  xoxo



Help! I Need Ideas For The A to Z! #atochallenge @AprilA2Z

A blogger friend reminded me about the A to Z Challenge in April. The challenge completely slipped my mind.

I’ve been successful at the last two A to Z’s but last year’s exhausted me, pushing myself to write each next installment before midnight.

Readers told me they enjoyed it and I liked the end result though I had no clue what I would write next for “Living To Die“.

But this April, I want to do something “less fiction” and more “creative non-fiction”. Short pieces that will make you think but I have no ideas for a theme or what words to use for my alphabet.

This is where I need your help.

If you are reading this right now, you likely know me and my writing style.

Please pitch me some ideas. Pretty please?

If you have never done the A to Z Challenge, I would encourage you to participate. You’ll read some great posts and make lots of new blogger-friends.

M xoxo

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How To Be A Bad Writer #writerwednesday #reading

Credit to/graphic taken from: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jenniferschaffer/literature-is-freedom#.ck4xm2kG3

Everywhere I turn, I see articles, blog posts, memes and quotes saying things like “Good writers read”.

Well, I guess that makes me a bad writer.

As a child and a teenager, I could easily devour several novels a week. I would read at every single opportunity – waiting for the bus or subway and then reading during the commute. If I’d had a choice between reading a book or hanging out with a friend, the decision would have been easy.

My love for reading was strong and unflinching.

A true love story.

I remember the good old days of holding back my laughter at a funny part in a book (to avoid the “Is she crazy?” look from strangers) or reading something a little risqué and foolishly looking over my shoulder as if the stranger next to me somehow knew what I was reading.

Then I went to law school.

With my head constantly stuck in hundreds of unrelenting, dry and boring law-related daily reading, my desire for reading for pleasure quickly died. Even after graduating, I would have preferred to watch paint dry than pick up a novel by one of my favorite authors. It took me years to pick up a book for pure enjoyment but even then, the feeling wasn’t the same.

These days, most of my novel reading is done on vacation and when I am away from home. If I’m in a lounge chair on the beach or next to a pool for 7 days, I can easily slay 5 decent sized-novels. But in my day to day life, I just can’t read consistently.

I totally agree that reading another writer’s words provides inspiration and that exploring other genres expands the mind. It’s only logical that “writing” and “being a reader” go hand in hand.

I just need to find a way to bring those “reading vacation reading flings” back home with me post-vacations.

I’m on a quest to fall back in love with being an avid reader.

I long for that blissful feeling in my life again.

Credit to/graphic taken from: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jenniferschaffer/literature-is-freedom#.ck4xm2kG3

What about you? Are you an avid reader? What’s on your To Be Read (TBR) list for 2018?

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