I’ve heard that those DNA kits advertised on the market aren’t worth their salt.

I didn’t say it – I’m saying that’s what I heard.

On a tv program a few months ago, identical twins were tested and their results were different.

I don’t know much about all that stuff but my non-scientific mind guesses that they are supposed to be the same?

Someone gave my folks the Ancestry DNA kits last Christmas and with their results, I know there is no need for me to take a test too.

I’m a product of my folks so I could base myself on their results (unless I was left on their doorstep).

But I’m still tempted to do it.

I like the idea of people “linked” to me reaching out and exchanging emails with “relatives”, distant or not.

But at the same token, I’m paranoid that the site could get hacked and my information used to for malicious intent. I don’t like the thought of my DNA information floating around in a company’s database.

Being cheap and paranoid, I will likely not do it but wouldn’t that be a crazy twist to use in a story?

You do DNA test for fun but find out that you aren’t who you think you are and your world is turned upside down?

Hmmm…it’s an idea.

What are your thoughts? Would you or have you done one of those ancestry dna test?

not that kind of girl

I’m not that kind of girl anymore.

I’m no longer the keener who researches all the well-known tourist spots to visit, reads up on the history of the city I’m visiting and has a purse overflowing with American coupons I saved from a previous trip “just in case” (as a child of immigrant parents that reflex is still deep in me).

The most that I do now is make sure that I’m staying in a safe and walkable area close to the conveniences I need.

And then I book. That’s it.

No, I no longer feel the need to see everything and then remember nothing because the days are a blurrrrr…

I just want to be in the moment I’m in, even if that means not running the “Rocky steps” and then sitting in a coffee shop with my notebook while people rush by.

But I must say that there are some mighty intriguing places on this map…

Dirty Franks, Smokin’ Betty’s, Howl at the Moon….

Green Eggs Café, Ms Tootsie’s Soul Food Café, Good Karma Café…

Tattooed Mom, Warmdaddy’s, Gooey Looies…

Time to finish my latte and let my flat feet lead the way…