With hospitals nearing maximum capacity and the lockdown starting at midnight, I’ll be doing my part (as I always have since this mess started), which is sticking to my “bubble” family and venturing out only for “essentials”.

I’ll choose “Covid fatigue” any day over being:

  • a burnt out medical professional who hasn’t hugged their kids in months and is being forced to work even longer overtime hours;
  • helpless, unable to visit a loved one suffering in the hospital and dealing with irregular updates by staff members who are sometimes nice and sometimes not-so-nice over the phone; or
  • the unlucky one to navigate planning a “virtual” funeral/memorial.

Like someone said on television the other day (and I’ll paraphrase): If you insist on attending holiday parties now, you’ll be forced to attend funerals in the new year.”

Sobering thought, isn’t it?

On that serious note, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay safe and make the most of your quarantine bubble.

And if you are doing the holidays solo, indulge in lots of self-care and maybe a little extra rum in your eggnog.

So is this really the end of my blog?

Yes and no.

All of the stressful happenings of 2020 have helped me realize that it’s time to step back from this blog in the new year.

Like I said in a previous post, for the past few months, I could slowly feel my fiction writing mojo returning and dare I say that I’m FINALLY in the mood to pick up my pen again.

So why would I plan on stepping back from my blog?

Because I can’t blog AND write fiction at the same time.

Well, technically I could do both but there are a number of reasons why I plan not to:

Reason #1:

For someone like me who eventually wants to publish, this blog space (under my name) should speak to my “brand” (whatever that will be) and I, of all people, know that the variety of stuff I post are not “on brand” (again, TBD).

So unless it’s writing related news, I may not post much here anymore, which leads me to the next reason…

Reason #2:

It takes a lot of time and energy (as my fellow bloggers know) to choose a topic, draft, edit and then post it – time I could spend resurrecting my abandoned newsletter and building a community of interested readers who would like to discuss topics in which we share an interest.

Reason #3:

I would love a different medium where I could simply write random things like:

  • stepping into a “new season” of “older and bolder” and trying to live my best life;
  • looking back as a Generation Xer who grew up under old school cultural rules of immigrant parents;
  • becoming a wiser Black woman as we are collectively claiming our rightful space; or
  • just simply sharing great books, blogs and podcasts I’ve been digging lately.

So what’s my plan?

I think that I’ve come up with something that will best fit most of the above.

But I’ll be looking for a few volunteers to help me test my said plan so stay tuned for a future post soon. 🙂

No, I’m not talking about a novella from me or anything else I have (not) written.

Like I said in my last post, I’m almost done tying up some loose ends that will permanently make room in my mind and life to focus on happier things like writing again in January 2021.

I can’t wait until this weird year is over.

I’m talking about the rumblings of the next lock down. Basically a Christmas lock down.

It’s as obvious as the snow falling outside my window right now that we are headed towards another “real” lock down circa March 2020 when only essential establishments were open.

If the powers that be had only used common sense (which is obviously not so common), we could have been better positioned by now…

Nothing will change much for me when we shut down again.

My family’s “reserves” from early pandemic have remained untouched – freezers and shelves are full, medicine cabinets refreshed with everything needed to combat whatever is thrown our way and my pharmacy knows to deliver our prescriptions for two months worth at a time.

The only thing left for me to do is buy what we need to prepare for Christmas week meals – pepperpot, garlic pork and other traditional eats. that we always indulge and look forward to.

The question is – how are YOU doing?

Update: Minutes after I posted this, the hammer dropped – as of December 17 we are shutting down. Let the toilet paper games begin! 🙄

You know that feeling when you are totally overwhelmed by absolutely everything in your life and just don’t know where to start?

Like Murphy’s Law is just waiting to drop something else on you?

Well, that was me just a few weeks ago.

I was tired of turning in never-ending circles and getting nothing done so I decided to take some vacation weeks off to permanently cross certain things off my to-do list.

Yeah, like once and for all.

If I can’t jump on a plane and relax under a palm tree somewhere hot, I decided to vacation from professional deadlines and get some ish done that will help me in the long term, like every-other-day early morning walks, improving on my eating habits, learning to ask for help with certain family responsibilities and seriously getting my house in order (literally and figuratively)…

I even organized and prepaid for my own funeral arrangements, something I always said I would do to avoid leaving that sad task to a grieving family member.

[I will write about this experience in a future post ].

I’m so happy with what I was able to accomplish, without the constraints of the 9-5, that I truly feel my creativity returning and filling my soul to the point where I am almost itching to write again.

I’m looking forward to letting words flow again, whether it be as a blog post or as a private journal entry no one will ever see.

And I’ve got a mini-project close to my heart that I’ve started dabbling in (and has little to do with fiction writing).

For the first time in a while, I feel…hopeful. But I’m going to keep my hopefulness on the low so that Murphy doesn’t notice for a while.

What about you? How are you coping these days? Don’t be afraid to share.

There was a time when I would have wasted my breath on people who were ignorant.

But that was a long, long time ago.

These days, I’ve got no time for fools and foolishness and almost zero tolerance for the willfully ignorant. To make matters worse, my “filters” left me somewhere in my 40s so I find myself saying whatever I need to say in a diplomatic way…which is what happened during a group call the other day.

With the election results were fresh out of the oven, naturally the topic came up. Somewhere somehow someone point-blank asked me, “Would you stop being friends with someone if they supported you-know-who?”

They all seemed totally surprised by my quick and easy “Absolutely”.

Of course, the question was followed up with, “Wow! Really? You would dump a friend over politics?”

And that is when I chose to share my thoughts and explain…

I would never take issue with someone’s politics. Everyone has a right to their point of view.

But for me, it’s more than politics – it’s about you as a person and the values we don’t have in common.

If you are supposedly a “friend” of mine and are capable of overlooking years worth of lies, the consistent devaluing of certain marginalized groups to maintain their privilege and the intentional stirring of the pot to make racists even more emboldened than they already are…well…

So no, I wouldn’t bat an eye at exiting stage left and distancing myself from someone who supports that kind of behavior and mindset.

What are your thoughts?

Best of luck to all of you who will be attempting NaNoWriMo this November.

As some of you will be slaying your 50K words, I’ll be taking time to finally finish those anemic outlines I drafted and learning some ins and out of the Scrivener software I bought way way way too long ago.

When I eventually do this challenge again, it will be with a prepared and pre-planned outline otherwise it is way too stressful for a pantser like me who is trying her best to become a planner.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this November? If not, are you doing any other challenges?


Is it too late to be “anonymous”???

Yup, I killed the anonymous option a very long time ago.

When I started this blog years ago, it was ONLY to participate in the WordPress Writing 101 course.

I didn’t know anything about the world of blogging but I FELL IN LOVE with the exchanges with fellow writers and the creative writing itself reignited my love for what I had buried six feet under for almost 2 decades due to OPOs (Other People’s Opinions).

But I’m still here, still writing and still wanting to publish the stories rolling around in my head if I can get over my procrastination due to..fear?

Yeah, I said it but I digress…

In looking around at other indie authors, I realize that lots of them use pen names or initials as part of their published names.

Maybe it’s because these internet streets can get crazy weird and keeping your true identity anonymous is the smart thing to do.

Maybe it’s because an author can reinvent themselves and pick a name that’s crazy sexy and cool (I like that idea).

Or maybe it’s because lots of female authors use initials to have more street credibility, like JK Rowling and many others.


I’m thinking that even though YOU already know who I am, maybe I’ll still follow suit with a different name or initials when I actually do publish something.

But it will likely be difficult to choose something that rolls off my tongue or that I really, really like.

Do you have a pen name? And if so, how did you choose it?