#MondayBlogs – “Lord of the Files” #fiction @mondayblogs

A geeky girl with a crush on her co-worker is so deep in the woods that she can’t see the trees…

“Lord of the Files”

“We haven’t taken a break together in forever. Care to join me for a quick walk?”

Bruno appeared out of nowhere at my desk.

Yeah, I could take a break but I don’t want to take it with you…

I’d been avoiding him for weeks but now that he had put me on the spot, I had no choice.

“Uh, yeah. Sure.”

Bruno shoved his hands into his pockets and waited for me to grab my purse and my coffee. I followed him outside and as we passed a group of colleagues, they laughed and yelled out, “Lord!” which always made me think of how they yelled “Norm” in those reruns of “Cheers”.

“That’s your fault you know,” Bruno waved at them and smiled, shaking his head at me.

“I know. Sorry.”

Lord of the Files” was what everyone had started calling Bruno since he had joined the company as the new caseload manager and I had made the mistake of calling him that in a meeting. Unfortunately, the nickname had stuck but when Bruno had found out, all he had done was laugh it off and thank me for not calling him something much worse. Then he had invited me to the break room for a coffee.

To be honest, Bruno was more like “master of the files because not only did he have the gift of assigning just the right amount to keep us busy without feeling stressed out, but he was also the nice guy that everyone adored. Always smiling, goodnatured and witty, everyone had taken a liking to him, especially the ladies. Married or single, they were all over Bruno like white on rice and flies on shit.

Oh, did I forget to tell you that besides all that other tasty stuff, Bruno was also cute?

Actually, that was a lie because Bruno was more than cute. Let me explain…

You know the kind of guy you think is “cute” until you discover that he likes all the same little things that you do and then he suddenly goes from being “cute” to “hot”?

Yeah, you know the kind of “hot” that makes him “smokin’ hot” because he has no clue just how cute he really is and always turns beet red at a compliment?

Yeah, Bruno was that guy.

The girls at the office had laughed at me for saying that I wanted to see the new Wonder Woman movie but when Bruno said the same thing a few hours later and BAZINGA! Suddenly their panties were in a twist and they all wanted to see it too. Funny how their attitudes changed in a heartbeat, right?

No one thought that Bruno was geeky because of his love for all things science fiction and that’s basically how we first started hanging out together on break. Talking about all things Comicon and debating DC versus Marvel while everyone looked at us as if we were speaking Klingon – which we probably could have if we had really tried.

I mean, in the beginning, I didn’t have a problem with talking with him but then I started getting those crazy butterflies in my stomach whenever I was around him…The kind of butterflies that made my face feel so hot and my hands all sweaty.

And that’s when I knew that I had to kill my silly crush and start keeping my distance from Bruno.

I didn’t have much of a choice. It was just a matter of time before he’d end up going out with one of of the pretty girls from the office. Believe me, there were tons of them just waiting for him to ask. And when it happened, I didn’t want to be totally crushed. If it had been a competition, I wouldn’t even have passed the prerequisites for a guy like him.

The story of my shitty geeky life.

“What are you thinking about so hard?”

I suddenly realized that I was deep into my own thoughts and not been listening to him.

“Sorry, I’m a little distracted, that’s all.”

Bruno stopped and faced me. I immediately felt awkward as he stared down at me.

“Are you mad at me or something?”

“No. Not at all,” I lied.

Yeah, I’m a little mad that you’re so perfect.

“I feel like you’ve been avoiding me. I kind of miss taking breaks together.”

Bruno’s words surprised me and the more I stared at his dimples, the worse my butterflies got.


“Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

I nodded and waited.

“Well, there’s this girl that I’m thinking about asking out…”

My heart dropped into my stomach, killing every last butterfly that I had. I knew that it was only a matter of time and I was instantly jealous.

“Oh? Who is it?” I was dying of curiosity and was doing an awful job of hiding it.

Bruno shook his head. “That doesn’t matter right now. I just want your opinion on how to approach her.”

“Why are you asking me?”

“Well, you are always the one pointing out girls that are supposedly interested in me so why not ask you?”

Bruno had a valid point.

When he first arrived at the company and in an attempt to find out what his “type” was, I would nonchalantly point out some of our female co-workers and ask him if he thought they were cute, just to see what he would say. Instead, Bruno would simply agree that whoever she was was pretty and then change the topic. Which made me think that he wasn’t into the ladies. It wasn’t until I starting pointing out men to him that he let me know that he was straight.

“I’m asking you because I’m not sure if she would say yes. To be honest, I’m a bit terrified that she may turn me down. If she did, then it would be totally embarrassing to see her every day at the office after that.”

Fuck, the girl was in our division. And why the hell would he be terrified?

I made an attempt to start walking again but when his feet didn’t move, I stayed put on the sidewalk trying to look him in the eye.

“You shouldn’t be worried. If she were to turn you down, it would be her loss. You’re a great catch Bruno,” I said, immediately wishing that I hadn’t said that last part. I could feel my face turning ten shades of red. “Unless, she already has a boyfriend.”

Please, please, please God, let this chick have a boyfriend.

“No, she doesn’t,” Bruno confirmed, shoving his hands deep into his pockets again.


“Oh? How do you know that?”

If Bruno already knew, it meant that he had already been talking to this chick about more than work.

I hate this girl already.

“She told me so not too long ago.”

My stomach flipped a little more.

He’s been talking to her and he never said anything…

In that moment, I hated him too…well, just a little.

“What makes you think that she would turn you down?”

“I was going to ask her out to a movie but the timing hasn’t been right.” This time it was Bruno’s turn to look embarrassed.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Come on Bruno, it’s not that hard. Just take her aside and ask her straight up. Make the timing right.”

I turned on my heels as a way to signal that we needed to head back to the office.

“Wait, I’ve got one more question,” Bruno said, holding me back my arm.

Fuck. One had been more than enough.

“What is it? We’re going to be late,” I said, sounding a lot more annoyed than I should have.

“I already did the first part of what you said…I mean, the taking her aside part. Now, I just have to ask her if she’d like to go see Wonder Woman with me this weekend.”

Wonder Woman? Was Bruno kidding?

“Uh…that’s a pretty horrible movie choice Bruno. None of the girls in our division would really want to see that. Hell, I’m about the only one who would.”

Bruno kept his hold on my arm and I saw him take a deep breath.

“I know you would. That’s why I’m asking you. Would you like to go to the movie with me this weekend?”

It wasn’t until I saw a sheepish smile spread across his face did I really understand that he was asking me.

Fuck. I hadn’t seen that coming…

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#MondayBlogs – “Suns and Lovers” #fiction @mondayblogs #amwriting

A woman finally finds a real man at the wrong time in her life…

“Suns and Lovers”

His long lashes tickle my stomach as he plants soft kisses around my navel. Then, he lays his cheek against my sandy stomach and I run my fingers through his wet hair.

Just when I think that life can’t get any better, it simply does with this man.

For now.

The sun is gone, the darkness begins to take over and the mosquitos buzz around our half-naked bodies. I don’t want them to feast on us but it feels so good just laying together like the other lovers on the beach. I don’t want to move and neither does he.

He tilts his head and looks at me, saying nothing but everything with those dark eyes that made me fall for him in the first place. Everything is effortless with him and it’s going to hurt like hell when things fall apart. He smiles at me like he’s got a secret.


His smile widens as he raises himself up to face me.

“I’m smiling because…”

He runs his palm across my stomach and I squirm from being ticklish. I place my hand on top of his to make him stop.

“Because what?”

“I’m thinking how cute our babies will be. I wouldn’t mind a little girl who looks just like you first. I could have two girls to spoil rotten for a while. Then, we could have a son.”

It takes me a few seconds to process his words and when I do, I don’t know what to say. I sit up, making his hand tumble away from my skin.

We’ve never discussed babies or even marriage. All I know is that I’m perfectly imperfect and could never fit into his world just as he could never fit into mine.

If I could only go back to the day before I met him…I would have done things differently.

If only I had kept my word to never give love one last chance…I’d feel safer.

“Of course, I’d have to make an honest woman out of you and we’d have to get married first.”

I still can’t speak and his eyes laugh knowing that he has caught me by surprise.

“So what do you say to marrying me so that we can live happily ever after and make some beautiful babies?”

My heart stops as I watch him reach deep into our beach bag and pull out a small jewelry box. After all the years I’d spent swimming in a sea of boys, I’d finally found myself a good man.

And now, I have to say no.

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#TBT – “War and Pieces” #fiction

This story will make you think twice about the “friends” you trust and with whom you travel…

Gym, Star Princess 2016
Gym, Star Princess 2016©2016 Marquessa Matthews
*inspired by a conversation I overheard while at the gym on a cruise.

“War and Pieces”

Jessie walks up to Melissa who is jogging on the treadmill like her life depends on it.

Jessie: “It’s your turn to stay with Sarah.”

Melissa turns the treadmill down to a slower mode and takes out her earbuds: “No way. I stayed with her vomiting last night and missed hooking up with that cute guy we met at the wine tasting. And I’ve barely gotten a chance to workout since we got onboard – I need to keep training.”

Jessie shakes her head: “Well, I’m not staying with her anymore. I’ve done more than my share and she’s not even my friend! I paid good money for this cruise and I’m not going to spend it babysitting her because she’s seasick.”

Melissa stops the treadmill and jumps off: “I don’t want to be mean because Sarah’s a sweet girl and all but she’s Emily’s friend. Sarah should be her responsibility. Where is Emily anyways?”

Jessie: “When I woke up, she was already gone or maybe she hooked up last night and never came back to the cabin. I didn’t really give it much thought ’cause you know how Emily is.” She suddenly points through the full glass window lining the gym wall. “Speak of the devil, there she is.”

Jessie and Melissa watch Emily walking the deck flirting with a cute young man.

There is a heavy silence until Jessie looks at Melissa: “Uh, isn’t that your guy from the wine tasting?”

The daggers shooting out of Melissa’s eyes are deadly. She says nothing for a minute, stares until Emily and the guy are out of sight through the glass and then says: “This is war.”

Jessie looks scared to open her mouth again but she does: “Is this the first time you’ve traveled with Emily?”

Melissa grabs her towel and dries her forehead: “No, but it will be my last. When I’m through with her, she’ll be in tiny little pieces in the ocean.”

TravelTip: Choose your travel partners wisely.

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#TBT – “Of Ice and Men” #fiction #BarAThon

A teenage girl has her latest dreams dashed by her stepmother again…

“Of Ice and Men”

Photo credit: arbyreed via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

My heart was still fluttering as I placed the phone back on its cradle and I couldn’t stop smiling.

The boy I had a huge crush on had finally found the nerve to call and ask me to the dance. I couldn’t wait to tell my best friend as soon as I floated back down to earth.

I picked up my copy of “Of Mice and Men” that I had been reading for school and readied to leave the kitchen when, from out of nowhere, she appeared in the doorway with that look she only reserved for me. As usual, she had been eavesdropping and just waiting to pounce.

You see, I wasn’t allowed to have a cellphone like the others and since the corded telephone in the kitchen was mounted to the wall, there was no such thing as privacy in my world.

“What makes you think that I’m going to let you go to a dance Joy?”

My heart hit the floor.

Why was it that her list of rules for me were like moving targets?

“But…” I mentally debated how much I could say. Even the slightest question would be considered as defiance and result in days of angry consequences. “Amber is younger than me and she is allowed to go…”

Amber was far from being the quiet and behaved wallflower that I had been forced to become. But for whatever reason, Amber could do no wrong.

The slap across my face didn’t surprise me in the least. But the force of it made me fall to the ground.

“Get up! Now!”

I quickly scrambled to my feet, standing right back up and close enough for her to hit me again if she choose to do so.

“We’re talking about YOU, not Amber! You’re not going to that dance or any other dance while you are under my roof,” she spat at my face and eagerly waited for my tears. It always felt bizarre to know that the person who had helped raise me truly enjoyed making me suffer. “Call that poor boy back and tell him to ask someone better to that dance.”

When I didn’t reach for the receiver fast enough, she approached me and stuck her face just inches away from mine. She was so close that I could smell what she had had for lunch. She picked up the receiver and shoved the phone into my chest.

“The sooner you realize that no man will ever want you, the better off you’ll be. Call him!” she ordered and glanced down on my book that now lay on the floor. “The sooner you do, the sooner you can get back to reading “Of Ice and Men.”

Stupid uneducated bitch…

As I slowly dialed his number, I wondered how she could find such happiness in crushing whatever glimmer of joy that came into my lonely life. The hate in me for everything and everyone only grew greater with each passing day.

I hated my real mother for signing off her parental rights to my father before disappearing. I hated my father for dying and leaving me with this monster of a woman he had married seven years ago.

But most of all, I hated being called Joy when Lennie would have been a much better fit for me.

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#TBT – “Life of Pie” – 12 Totally Random Things You Never Needed To Know About Me #BarAThon @blogarhythm1


This is a random list of things about moi that you really never needed to know…

“Life of Pie”

Life of Pie” made me think of “pie”…which made me think of hot apple pie smothered by French vanilla ice cream…which made me think of some of my favorite things … which made me think of writing a list of seven random things about myself.

Actually, I’ve seen a number of bloggers posting “lists” and always thought that it was cute idea so why not borrow the idea?

Well, focusing on the “me” part and not on the “what” part of the list was harder than I thought, though it did make me realize that random tidbits about me (not the ones below) are sprinkled into my fiction.

So here is a totally “random” list of (more than 7) things you never needed to know about me :

  • As a kid in school, I would always take the “dare” in “Truth or Dare” game because it was much more fun;
  • I give great advice but don’t always follow it myself – go figure, eh?;
  • I love listening to James Taylor on a rainy day – I have no clue why;

Photo credit: rocor via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

  • I’ve never shaved my legs because I don’t need to – I’m blessed that the hairy leg fairy skipped me;

Photo credit: Caro’s Lines via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

  • A waitress at The Cheesecake Factory once refused to serve me a margarita because I was “underage”. The waitress was 23 and I was 35. My friends had a good laugh and I made sure that I got that drink for free;

Photo credit: Simon Greig Photo via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

  • I could be bribed with a family sized bag of M&M’s, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk or a big handful of Walkers shortbread cookies. Giving me all three at the same time could be dangerous for you and for me;
  • My favorite old school love songs still make me melt each and every time I hear them, like this one that I could still play on repeat:
  • If you think that you’ve painted me into a corner, think again;

  • Purple was my favorite color long before Prince’s “Purple Rain” – Prince stole “purple” from me;

Photo credit: Foter.com

  • I’ve been known to say absolutely ridiculous things with a straight face to “gossipers” just to see how information would be spun;

  • I can never decide what I want on a menu and am likely to change my mind a bunch of times before the waiter takes the order. It’s not my fault. I’m a Libra.

Photo credit: Foter.com

  • I often get asked by people I barely know about my ______ and how they can get their _____ like mine. It has happened, more than once, that someone has gotten into my personal space and has touched my ______ , taking me totally off guard before I could even react. Not cool. You can try to fill in the blanks but I will give you this hint…

…it has nothing to do with my hair. And if you ask me nicely, I may tell you what it is…

Whoa, who knew that being “random” was this difficult? But at least #Bar-A-Thon #2 out of 7 is now complete (and ahead of schedule)!

Let me know if you liked this post and maybe, just maybe, I’ll do a favorites list… 🙂

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#TBT – “The Fault In Our Stares” #fiction

On her way out of town, a woman sees her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend…

“The Fault In Our Stares”

I’m sitting at a café in the airport waiting for my flight out of town when I notice Howard perched at one of the island seats at the other end of the café.

With her.

The woman he was likely cheating with long before everything and all that other shit hit the fan.

It’s obvious that Howard is whisking her away on a romantic weekend, just like he used to do with me when we were fresh and newly in love. It was on our first romantic getaway that he had professed his eternal and burning love for me.

Funny how quickly those flames had burned out…

When Howard glances my way, he’s startled to see me. Of course, he doesn’t smile and neither do I.

There is absolutely nothing to smile about.

Howard regroups, smirks, leans in and whispers bitter somethings into his new girl’s ear. She immediately spins around and begins the “I’m-the-new-girlfriend-don’t-look-at-MY-man” staring game which I decide not to play.

I can only imagine what he has told her about me but then again, I truly don’t give a shit.

The daggers in her eyes say it all…

He’s mine now…I’ve got your prize…

I resist the temptation to roll my eyes and give her my “You can fucking have him” stare.

Jealous GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

But there is a major fault in our stares that she will soon learn all on her own…

I see the quiet laughter etched all over Howard’s ugly face that is reflecting his thoughts:

Bitch, see how quickly I replaced you?

I refuse to feed the beast by showing emotions that I no longer have for him or his new “situation”.

But my eyes can’t resist responding to his.

Go fuck yourself loser. She can have you…

They both promptly give me their backs and put on a public display of excessively artificial affection just for my benefit.

Whatever…Knock yourselves out.

Howard and his new girl can’t keep their hands off of each other so I assume that the sex is still decent. But in time, the joke will be on her when he can no longer get it up and it will be her fault. And she’ll be completely surprised when his hands will be all over her in a totally different way.

The sting of his first slap to “knock the stupid out of her” will show her what a wonderful “prize” she has won…that is, right after he blames her making him do it.

Realizing that I’m running late, I trash the rest of my coffee, grab my carry-on spinner and leave the café, passing just inches away from them.

I can’t help but smile when I notice that the scar I gave him on his forehead hasn’t healed properly. Howard deserves to be permanently reminded of me and the seven fucked up months I actually stayed with him. I wonder what lie he told her to explain that scar away.

Back in the main terminal, I sprint to my gate, remembering that the last time I had run that fast was out of Howard’s house after he tried to school me for the first and last time.

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An Open Letter To You – #writinglife #thankyou

This post is long overdue but better late than never.

I just wanted to give a great big THANK YOU to you.

YOU help to motivate me in this writing journey of mine.

I also wanted to send a special THANK YOU to my fellow #BARATHON writers who sent me a shout-out during that challenge. I truly, truly appreciated it. Actually, I’ll be reposting my Barathon stories as #TBTs next month.

If you have the time, please stop by and say hello to these lovely bloggers listed below.

And if by chance you mentioned my blog during that challenge but did not include a pingback, thanks to you too!

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