#WriterWednesday: All Blogged Up and One Place To Go

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The good thing about my novella editing go off-track is that instead of getting all huffy, puffy and frustrated about it this time, I made a conscious choice to not get all huffy, puffy and frustrated.

Instead, I’ve been reminding myself that I’ve made strides doing other things:

  • After rolling around ideas for this November’s Nanowrimo, I’m settling on either following-up on the Living To Die” story or writin two short stories to serve as “introductions” to Delaney and Ella since you like those character (that’s code for “I need to make up my mind”);
  • I accomplished a few more items from my 52/52 list (offline) and will be jumping into #TribeTuesdayWPChallenge;
  • I’ve tackled some postponed and boring household tasks to clear a better path to creativity during November;
  • My featured posts are set up until end of December 2017;
  • I’m cross-promoting with Helen with her #SongLyricSunday at This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time and will likely have another cross-promotion with a talented writer very soon (Nortina from Lovely Curses); and
  • I’ve written 12 new short fiction pieces due to my #MarquessaChallenge!

So instead of looking at my editing delays as a “problem”, I’m shifting my view to see them as “OPPORTUNITIES”.

Being all blogged up leaves me with one place to go…


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M xoxo

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#MondayBlogs – “Suns and Lovers” #fiction @mondayblogs #amwriting

A woman finally finds a real man at the wrong time in her life…

“Suns and Lovers”

His long lashes tickle my stomach as he plants soft kisses around my navel. Then, he lays his cheek against my sandy stomach and I run my fingers through his wet hair.

Just when I think that life can’t get any better, it simply does with this man.

For now.

The sun is gone, the darkness begins to take over and the mosquitos buzz around our half-naked bodies. I don’t want them to feast on us but it feels so good just laying together like the other lovers on the beach. I don’t want to move and neither does he.

He tilts his head and looks at me, saying nothing but everything with those dark eyes that made me fall for him in the first place. Everything is effortless with him and it’s going to hurt like hell when things fall apart. He smiles at me like he’s got a secret.


His smile widens as he raises himself up to face me.

“I’m smiling because…”

He runs his palm across my stomach and I squirm from being ticklish. I place my hand on top of his to make him stop.

“Because what?”

“I’m thinking how cute our babies will be. I wouldn’t mind a little girl who looks just like you first. I could have two girls to spoil rotten for a while. Then, we could have a son.”

It takes me a few seconds to process his words and when I do, I don’t know what to say. I sit up, making his hand tumble away from my skin.

We’ve never discussed babies or even marriage. All I know is that I’m perfectly imperfect and could never fit into his world just as he could never fit into mine.

If I could only go back to the day before I met him…I would have done things differently.

If only I had kept my word to never give love one last chance…I’d feel safer.

“Of course, I’d have to make an honest woman out of you and we’d have to get married first.”

I still can’t speak and his eyes laugh knowing that he has caught me by surprise.

“So what do you say to marrying me so that we can live happily ever after and make some beautiful babies?”

My heart stops as I watch him reach deep into our beach bag and pull out a small jewelry box. After all the years I’d spent swimming in a sea of boys, I’d finally found myself a good man.

And now, I have to say no.

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#TBT – “Life of Pie” – 12 Totally Random Things You Never Needed To Know About Me #BarAThon @blogarhythm1


This is a random list of things about moi that you really never needed to know…

“Life of Pie”

Life of Pie” made me think of “pie”…which made me think of hot apple pie smothered by French vanilla ice cream…which made me think of some of my favorite things … which made me think of writing a list of seven random things about myself.

Actually, I’ve seen a number of bloggers posting “lists” and always thought that it was cute idea so why not borrow the idea?

Well, focusing on the “me” part and not on the “what” part of the list was harder than I thought, though it did make me realize that random tidbits about me (not the ones below) are sprinkled into my fiction.

So here is a totally “random” list of (more than 7) things you never needed to know about me :

  • As a kid in school, I would always take the “dare” in “Truth or Dare” game because it was much more fun;
  • I give great advice but don’t always follow it myself – go figure, eh?;
  • I love listening to James Taylor on a rainy day – I have no clue why;

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  • I’ve never shaved my legs because I don’t need to – I’m blessed that the hairy leg fairy skipped me;

Photo credit: Caro’s Lines via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

  • A waitress at The Cheesecake Factory once refused to serve me a margarita because I was “underage”. The waitress was 23 and I was 35. My friends had a good laugh and I made sure that I got that drink for free;

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  • I could be bribed with a family sized bag of M&M’s, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk or a big handful of Walkers shortbread cookies. Giving me all three at the same time could be dangerous for you and for me;
  • My favorite old school love songs still make me melt each and every time I hear them, like this one that I could still play on repeat:
  • If you think that you’ve painted me into a corner, think again;

  • Purple was my favorite color long before Prince’s “Purple Rain” – Prince stole “purple” from me;

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  • I’ve been known to say absolutely ridiculous things with a straight face to “gossipers” just to see how information would be spun;

  • I can never decide what I want on a menu and am likely to change my mind a bunch of times before the waiter takes the order. It’s not my fault. I’m a Libra.

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  • I often get asked by people I barely know about my ______ and how they can get their _____ like mine. It has happened, more than once, that someone has gotten into my personal space and has touched my ______ , taking me totally off guard before I could even react. Not cool. You can try to fill in the blanks but I will give you this hint…

…it has nothing to do with my hair. And if you ask me nicely, I may tell you what it is…

Whoa, who knew that being “random” was this difficult? But at least #Bar-A-Thon #2 out of 7 is now complete (and ahead of schedule)!

Let me know if you liked this post and maybe, just maybe, I’ll do a favorites list… 🙂

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Being Authentic Online #writerwednesday #writing

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The fear of being authentic on this blog is dead.

Deader than dead.

After some trial and error, making choices about what I would and not write about and being cautious in general, I’m as authentic as I’ll ever be in this space even though:

  • I never write about my work life;
  • I limit what I share about my family and personal life; and
  • Before writing about current events that get deep under my skin, I wait to let my emotions subside (though recent currents events are making my fingertips itch).

But I was thinking…

Can a writer truly be authentic if they have to place limits on what they say?

Then, I came across the answer in this TinyBuddha article:

“Authenticity doesn’t have to mean complete transparency, but it does mean acknowledging what you really think and feel. Very rarely does a person think and feel only things that align with a polished online persona.”

Well, I’m not interested in having “a polished online persona”, at least, not anymore after my summer of more ‘spontaneous’ writing.

I’ll just continue striving for “authenticity” by sharing the times when my inner voice escapes my lips, I suffer from episodes of midnight madness or when I invite you to take a seat with me at the family dinner table.

How authentic are you online? What “limits” have you imposed on your writing, if any?

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“When Sunday Came” (2015) – #fiction #abuse

Montreal Nightscape

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I looked at his text again before deleting it.

Thinking about you. I still love you ♥

Memories of his words came rushing back to me like a tidal wave.

“No other man would ever put up with you…”

“For someone in your line of work, you really are sooo stupid…”

“If you loved me, you would want what I want…”

“It’s your fault that you make me so angry that I break things…”

But this time, instead of the memories hitting me like a ton of bricks and making me feel sick to my stomach, the wave washed over and above me.

That’s when I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that the old me was gone. Forever.

No more walking on eggshells and feeling like I was having a heart attack.

No more waiting for the next blow up and blow out.

No more of me apologizing just to keep the peace and asking for forgiveness that I didn’t need.

I stretched out on the sofa and stared out into the darkness of my newly adopted city.

A glass of wine on the coffee table, a good book in my lap and wrapped in my cozy robe, I would never ever let him upset such a peaceful Sunday night.

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#TBT – Writing About What You Know #amwriting

I base my stories on what I know and my experiences. I can’t simply throw caution to the wind and totally go with my imagination.

I can’t write about dragons and vampires. And I could never see myself writing about long-blond haired Fabio-like type men (the older women know who I’m talking about and I still don’t know what the allure was) who sweep down to rescue the heroine in distress like in the Harlequin books my grandmother used to devour. I also can’t wrap my brain around writing a female leads who could have stepped out of an episode of The Housewives of (Pick-Your-City) because I know nothing about the world of the rich, bold, beautifully bored.

Sure, I use my imagination and research certain elements of my stories but on the whole, I base my storytelling on what I have experienced, scenes that could possibly happen in real life and locations exist. It makes it all the more real for me. Of course, a story wouldn’t be a good one without a little drama and twists thrown in for good measure. And whose to say that those are made up, right?

That’s my kind of fiction and the kind of fiction I write.

Do you agree with that quote? And if you write fiction, what kind of fiction do you write?

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Updated post – originally posted on November 3, 2015