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Younger Man #writerwednesday

I’m working on some lead-in chapters for Living To Die” to better introduce Kate as the main character.

Without going into too much detail, that introductory chapter involves a scene between a fed-up and lonely Kate being flirted with by a hot and younger man (above 18 of course) who genuinely seems to have an interest in her.

Ladies, ladies, ladies…

I need to put an age on my younger male hottie character.

Tell me, how young is too young for a 37 year old divorced mother of twins who no longer live under her roof?

Does age even matter if he is an adult?

Should I apply the “Cougar rule” which is Woman’s Age divided by 2 + 7, meaning that the male character would have to be older than 25 1/2 years old?

What would you do if a much younger man unapologetically chased you down for a date?

Go ahead and weigh in.

And by the way, I’m not 37. 😌






When All You Need Is To Fu*k It Out #amwriting

I’m back and I deserve a round of applause for lasting out this long!

I didn’t post a darn thing on this blog like I said I would and I surprised myself.

I also didn’t write anything offline.

No flash fiction, no editing, no outlines…Just plain old nothing. The most I did was jot ideas down onto Post-Its and stick them on my writing wall for future reference.

In order to get out of my not-so-great mood, I decided to immerse myself deeper into the funk until I found myself sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Sounds counter-intuitive but that’s what I did.

I tried to enjoy more of this on the weekends…

I failed miserably at doing any of this…

And I was very successful in doing way, way, way too much of this…

But it’s all good.

Because like a slice of hot apple pie topped with some chocolate fudge ice cream, the writing/blogging break has made me a little hungry to get writing again.

Tell me, when was the last time that you simply took a writing break?








“Dear Diary” – What Sandra Thinks @whatsandrathnks #reblog

Think back to your college days…Mine were definitely not as interesting as Sandra’s fictional diary during the A to Z Challenge! Be sure to check out this story! M xoxo

what sandra thinks

Below are the links to all of my 2018 A-to-Z challenge posts… Hope you enjoy the story.

Thanks for reading. 

a – arrival
b – beer pong
c – chemistry
d – dorm, donuts and dinner
e – ethan
f – fail
g – girls’ night
h – hannah
i – infirmary
j – jules
k – kiss
l – library
m – melting point
n – nightmare
o – obnoxious
p – party
q – quit
r – relationship
s – solo
t – toxic
u – understand
v – visitor
w – wait
x – xoxo
y – yes
z – zone

what sandra thinks• • •
‘Dear Diary’ is fiction based on actual events.
Any similarities to your college life is purely coincidental.
Any similarities to mine is entirely intentional.

©2018 what sandra thinks

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