Kombucha Chaos

(*I’m not endorsing this brand or anything like that. I simply saw three different women march directly to the fridge in the store, pick up this brand and then march with determined purpose to the cashier. I simply assumed that they knew what they were doing and so I copied…*)

Kombucha, kombucha, kombucha.

I’ve heard about how good it is for your health but I have no clue what “good” it’s supposed to do for me. Maybe it can give me some superhuman extra energy?

While at my local health food store, I bought the above bottle to see what all the fuss was about. This Divine Grape flavor was surprisingly tasty though I’ll need to do a little research about WHY I should be drinking it…

What I do know is that the next time around, I will not shake the bottle before popping the top

Foolish me, I had no clue it was carbonated!

Do you “kombucha“? Tell me in the comments why it’s good for me and why it cost $3+ for this tiny bottle…