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It was a beautiful romantic night and I was all alone with my glass of champagne.

I was hiding out at the far end of the garden, away from the wedding guests in the courtyard kicking myself for being there. Within the space of a few days, I’d plummeted from being the no-nonsense and independent woman I had worked hard to become pre-Matt back into the land of Lily-the-sweet-well-meaning-push-over.

So far, I’d managed to avoid Matt. I’d left my place early enough to flip off his offer to pick me up and he clearly looked pissed when I saw him from the back row of the church where I had camouflaged myself. But my luck wasn’t going to last for long if I stayed for the reception and dinner. Naturally, our seating arrangements were together so I needed to leave as soon as the coast was clear.

Why was I putting myself through all of this when these people weren’t supposed to be part of my life anymore?

“Nice hiding place you’ve found…I’m not fond of crowds either. May I join you?”

I looked around to find a cute and very tall Bobby Flay/Archie from the comic strip look-a-like next to me. He was holding a plate of hors d’oeuvres, had a nice smile and friendliness was written all over his face. When I nodded, he sat down on the bench next to me. He glanced down at some empty wine glasses on the ground near my feet. Then he frowned and gestured to the flute of champagne in my hand.

“It’s none of my business but you might want to slow down on those or hold back until after dinner… or at least, have a few of these so that you’re not drinking on an empty stomach.”

He offered me his plate but I refused, laughing off his concern. I must really have looked like a sad, single girl drinking her troubles away in the rose bushes.

“Oh, those glasses aren’t mine. They were already there when I sat down. Don’t worry,” I held up my almost full flute of champagne, “This is the only one I’ll be having because I’m leaving soon.”

I took another sip and watched his eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

“Are you telling me that you got all dressed up to look super amazing and then you’re going to leave before the fun begins? If you didn’t want to be here, why did you come in the first place?”

Good question.

I smiled at the compliment and at how “super amazing” sounded absolutely geeky. I had no clue who this guy was so I erred on the side of caution and pretended like I didn’t hear the last question. In any case, I didn’t have an answer. He got the message and changed the subject.

“Are you a friend of the bride or groom?”

“The bride.”

“How do you know her?”

I was debating what to say without getting into my personal business when I noticed Matt walking with purpose across the courtyard in the distance.

Matt’s determined stride had everything to do with a stunning redhead at the bar who stood out like an exquisite diamond from the rest of the guests. He greeted her with a kiss on her cheek and from their body language, it was clear that they knew each other very, very well. It sickened me to see how the redhead ran her palm down the length of Matt’s arm but it sickened me even more at how Matt was sidling up to her. Jealousy soured my mouth.

Who was she?

“He’s not worth it,” I heard the man’s voice break into my thoughts.


“That guy you’re staring at…He’s quite the handsome charmer but he comes with a large side of trouble. You really don’t want to go there.”

I gave him my full focus.

“Why not?” I managed to ask, trying to play off my sick curiosity.

The man shook his head and watched me take another sip from my glass.

“Besides the fact that he started drinking hours ago because his girlfriend bailed on him, he’s on the prowl tonight as you can see – he’s already working overtime on Charlotte…again.”

“Again?” My stomach flipped.

He nodded.

“Yeah, I heard they hooked up a few weeks ago. ‘Charlotte looked so hot that I could already taste her’ was his excuse. And when I asked about his girlfriend, he just shrugged me off.”

A few weeks ago?

I felt sick, not because Matt was an asshole but because I was. The nauseous feeling that swept over me made me choke on my champagne.

“Are you okay?” He slapped my back a few times, looking concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I nodded quickly. “You must be good friends with him to know all of this”.

“You could say that. Matt is fine as my cousin but I’d be the first to say that he’s a jerk who loves the challenge of a skirted chase. He’s basically a nice guy but … Mariah told my sister that his latest girlfriend is a keeper but let’s just say that I’m not surprised that his girlfriend bailed.”

“You mean Matt’s ex-girlfriend – not girlfriend,” I whispered, closing my eyes to block out the screams in my head.

“Are you sure that you’re okay?” I feel his eyes piercing into the side of my face.

“I will be…eventually.”

My head suddenly felt heavy and without opening my eyes, I found myself resting it on this stranger’s shoulder. I felt his surprise and his body tense up.

“Uh…” There was an extremely long pause. “Please, please tell me that you’re not the Lily I’ve heard so much about?”

I nodded against his shoulder.

Shit!” He was mortified.Open mouth, insert foot. I’m so sorry that I said all of that.”

His warm hand stroked my back to console me and it felt good.

“I’ve got to go,” I told him, sitting up to catch my bearings.

The thoughts of foolishly falling for Matt and almost believing his little speech at the pastry shop was making me angrier by the second. When I had walked away from him that day at his place, Matt had pursued, not out of love but because he no longer had me.

A few weeks ago, it was the redhead, last week it was me back to me and tonight it was going to be the redhead again. I could only imagine what other “challenges” Matt had been conquering during our time together.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. Don’t leave,” he said, taking hold of my hand. “Don’t let him affect you like this. Take a really good look at him Lily.”

I did as I was told and observed Matt shamelessly flirting with the redhead and with a smile that I wanted to slap off his face. Matt didn’t have a care in the world.

“Does he look like he’s thinking about you right now?”

I could feel the anger starting a slow burn towards my heart.

“Absolutely not.”

“Then you shouldn’t be thinking about him either. Ignore him, hang out with me and my friends at our table. We’re a fun tribe and we’ll definitely distract you. Don’t they say that weddings are great for meeting new people?”

“I’m not in a great frame of mind right now..um…uh.” I searched for a name he had yet to give me.

“I’m Xavier but everyone calls me Xavi.” He smiled widely, revealing deep dimples.

If I were in a better mood, I might have found myself putting a finger deep into one of them. I loved dimples.

“Do you like to dance Lily?”

“Yeah, I do.” I nodded, not sure where he was going with his question.

Xavier placed his plate on the ground next to the abandoned glasses, took my hand and stood up.

“Well, that’s exactly what we’ll do all night. I can picture us hours from now.. 6:00 in the morning yawning and laying down next to you.”

Excuse me?

“Sorry, that came out wrong. I mean, my friends and I have started a bit of a wedding party tradition. We dance for as long as the music is rockin’ and then we go for breakfast at that 24 hour breakfast dive in the city at 6:00AM. Come on, what do you say?” Xavi laughed, waiting for me to answer.

Rockin’? Xavi reminded me of Juan with his friendliness but with some geek thrown into the mix.

I gave Matt another look before giving Xavi my full attention.

“Xavi, I think that 6AM will look very good on me.”

“Awesome! Now, let’s get this party started,” he joked and started leading me back to the courtyard. “And make Matt jealous. Mark my words, he’ll be all over you like white on rice within minutes. All that you have to do is not get sucked back in by anything he says.”

Xavi seemed to be a decent guy and I had nothing to lose. And I truly relished the idea of purposely ignoring Matt by pretending that I was having a good old time without him. And Xavi was right, the priceless look on Matt’s face when he saw us hand in hand was worth hiding in the rose bushes.

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“Keep On Walkin…”

This was adapted for the Lyrical Fiction Friday Challenge

Ich liebe dich! 95/365

Photo credit: Skley via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t it...He’s lips are moving so you know he’s lying…

Just as I was about to get sucked into the vortex of Matt’s sad puppy dog eyes and Juan’s teary eyed look, it all hit me like a ton of bricks.

No. He’s just talking in circles with his tongue again…

I wasn’t obliged to make a decision about giving Matt a second chance, on the spot and under such pressure. I just needed to do what was best – for me.

“I’ll think about it.”

Matt’s eyes grew large and Juan kicked me under the table as if to change my mind.

“You…you’ll think about it?”

“Yes …because you might have been right about not getting too serious.”

“I’m not following you Lily…” Matt was clearly confused. “What are you saying?”

“I love you,” I said and saw his face light up, “But I need time. I need to make sure that you are the right man for me and to do that, I need to see who else is out there for the next while. While I do that, you can do the same.”

The words tumbling from my lips didn’t feel like they were coming from me. But they were. An awkward silence veiled the table. Matt was looking at me like I’d grown a third eye.

Not being able to take the drama anymore, Juan hastily wrapped the rest of his brownies in a napkin, muttered something about needing to be somewhere and disappeared from the pastry shop.

“Just before we met at that party, I’d posted a profile on Match but then, I took it down after our third date. But I’m thinking about giving the online thing a chance… at least for the next few months.”

Matt shook his head and clenched his hands. He was visibly upset.

“Months? Come on babe, are you honestly going to do that me? Is this your way of punishing me?”

“No, not at all. I need to be sure about what and who I want in my future. I need to protect myself.”

“From me?”

I didn’t answer. We stared at each other for a few moments before he gave me a frustrated yet determined look.

“I won’t accept that…I just won’t.”

“You don’t have a choice Matt.”

That’s when another flash of worry crossed his face.

“But what about my sister’s wedding this weekend? You’re just going to bail? What am I supposed to tell Mariah and the rest of my family?”

I had completely forgotten that Mariah, Matt’s sister had specifically invited me to hang out as she and her bridesmaids got dressed.


“Please Lily, don’t do this now. You have to go. After the wedding, we can talk again about all of this, okay?”

On one hand, I didn’t want to disappoint and distract Mariah with our lover’s drama. But on the other hand, I needed to draw a line in the sand with Matt.

The wheels in my brain churned, turned and burned…


“Fine. I’ll go but we won’t be going as a couple Matt. And there is nothing to rediscuss after the wedding…”

“Whatever you say Lily.”

From the way Matt’s lips curled into a small smile and his eyes twinkled at his tiny victory, I somehow knew I would regret it.

Matt stood up and shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Mariah will be getting ready at my folks place so I’ll pick you up and give you a ride there.”


“No, I said that…” I was soon talking to empty air because Matt vanished before I could finish my sentence.

Yeah, I’m going to regret saying yes to this mess…Why didn’t I just tell him to keep on walking?

Continuation next week: “6:00 AM”.

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“I’d Rather Have a Love” – #lyricalfictionfriday #fiction

Photo credit: Anant N S via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Juan and I stood at the counter in our favorite pastry shop deciding on which desserts would do the least damage to the calories we had sweated out at Zumba. I ordered the apple nachos while Juan took the zucchini brownies. We headed for our usual table near the window.

“How are you feeling these days Lily?”

“Fine, I’m doing fine.”

Juan took one of his brownies and placed it to my lips so that I could take a bite. Then he promptly shoved the rest of it into his mouth. Since we’d met at the gym last year, Juan and I had become fast friends and always hung out after yoga and Zumba. Full of energy, upbeat and positive, I always looked forward to our “dessert time”.

“Are you telling me that you didn’t cry at all after you broke it off with him?”

I shook my head.

“Of course I did. I threw myself a pity party for a few days and second guessed myself a lot but I’m fine now. Without a doubt, I know that I did the right thing.”

I nodded and stabbed at an apple wedge that had the most caramel. This time it was my turn to let Juan sample my order. I brought the fork to his lips and he was more than happy to open wide.

“Hmm, that is delicious! Has he tried to call you?”

“Yeah but I don’t picked up.”

“Girl, you are made of steel. I wish that I had that kind of willpower. Every time I vow to never speak to Nikos again, I always cave in and take him back,” Juan said, shaking his head. He seemed slightly disgusted with himself but a grin quickly spread across his face as he looked over my shoulder.

“Well, if you’re looking for a new man, there is a delicious one in the doorway who can’t keep his eyes off of you…”

Curiosity killed the cat and I immediately swiveled around to who Juan was talking about. My heart raced and then quickly sank as I recognized the sheepish smile that greeted me.

I turned back to Juan.

“That’s not a new man. It’s Matt.”

Juan choked in his mouthful of brownies.

Are you shitting me?” he whispered. “You didn’t tell me that Matt was such a babe! Did he know that you always come here after class?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I mentioned it to him more than once.”

“Hmm, does he know about me? Boyfriend looks a little jealous. ”

“What my ex-boyfriend-who-wasn’t-really-my-boyfriend thinks is none of my concern.”

“If you say so Lily,” Juan shrugged, sounding unconvinced. “Are you going to talk to him?”

“No. There is nothing left to say. And in any case, my heart is not ready to deal with him.”

“Well, it looks like you won’t have a choice. He’s coming over here…” Juan whispered as he kept watch over my shoulder.

I held my breath until Matt was standing next to our table. Matt gave me another weak smile and then acknowledged Juan’s existence with a nod.

“Hey Lily.”

“Hello Matt.”

“Could we…uh…talk?”

Matt glanced down at Juan, giving him a look that clearly said that he should disappear. But when Juan made an attempt to get up, I took his hand and forced him to stay seated. I ignored Juan’s are-you-crazy? look.

“I already said what I had to say a few weeks ago.”

“Lily, you didn’t even give me a chance to say anything – you simply up and walked out. And since you won’t return my calls or texts, I decided to find you. Would you at least hear me out?”

Poor Juan sat there looking all sorts of uncomfortable and pretending as best as he could to be invisible.

“If you have something to say Matt, you’ll have to say it in front of my friend.”

Matt shook his head in exasperation but pulled a chair over from another table to sit down between us. I watched his chest heave as he took a deep breath.

“You know that saying about not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone?”

I had never seen Matt with such a serious demeanor. His voice was low and his eyes searched mine for a clue to my thoughts.

“Of course I do.”

Matt looked down at his feet.

“Well…I now know what that really means, what it feels like. It’s exactly what I’m living right now.”

I swallowed the bubble that had formed in my throat and kept my tone as emotionless as I could.

“I told you after our first few dates that I don’t jump into bed with just anyone – I have to have feelings for a guy first. Serious feelings. If you want to date other girls, play the field and sleep around, that’s your prerogative. But I’m not going to stick around waiting to see if I’m just a second choice that you are settling on. If I want to waste time, I prefer to do it alone.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Juan cover his mouth in shock. Matt exhaled deeply, reached over for my hand and looked me straight in the eye.

“Lily, you have ruined me for wanting to be with anyone else. I was living my life just fine until I met this girl who ruined my player philosophy and that girl is you. You are all that a man could hope for. I’d rather have a love that I know is real…I..I love you. And like you said, our future is now. Would you please give me a second chance to make things right?”

Speechless, I glanced over to Juan whose face was lit up like a Christmas tree. His eyes were misty and implored me to forgive and forget.

Love had burnt me one too many times in my past. And when it truly scorched me the last time, I vowed to learn from my mistakes.

But now, love was forcing me to make a decision, a choice much more important than what sweet dessert I wanted to take a chance on this time around.

I felt Juan and Matt’s expectant eyes burning holes into my soul as they waited for me to say something…

Continuation next week: “Keep On Walkin'”

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“One In A Million” #lyricalfictionfriday #fiction

This was adapted for #LyricalFictionFriday and I’m reposting the entire mini-stories on Fridays because @TheDreamGirlWrites asked me to. 😊

This is a lesson on how to treat yourself as a priority when your significant other chooses to make you an option.

Photo credit: Tamara Álvarez via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

“You’re a great girl but I…uh… just don’t want to be “exclusive” right now. I mean, I’m not ready for anything serious at this point in time. You understand that, don’t you?”

It was a Friday night and Lily was curled up next to me on the couch watching a movie on Netflix. From out of left field, Lily had popped the topic, taking me by surprise. Well, it wasn’t that far out of left field – we had been seeing each other regularly for months.

I braced myself for her reaction and the anger that would probably follow.

I felt Lily’s body stiffen and her cheek left where it had been gently resting against my chest. She sat up with a frown but it quickly vanished. Lily hesitated before speaking.

“Oh, uh…okay. I understand.”

I watched as she managed to smile and I was simply relieved that she wasn’t pissed.

Lily was always cool. Then again, she was Lily and unlike any other girl I had ever dated. Independent, stable in every sense of the word, kind and caring all rolled up into one amazing, petite package. I really, really liked her but when I realized that I could easily fall for her, I decided to take a step back. I needed to keep my options open, just in case. You know what I mean, right?

I sat up and grabbed my beer that sat next to her green tea on the coffee table.

“Babe, I’m blown away that you’re not mad. Wow, you are one in a million.”

Lily smiled at the compliment and grabbed her cell from the coffee table. I watched her scroll through her screen, press a few buttons and then drop the cell into her purse.

“Who texted you?”

Lily always ignored her cell when we were together so I was curious since I hadn’t heard it vibrate.

“Oh, no one texted me.”

“So what were you checking on your cell?”

“Nothing. I was deleting you from my contacts.”

Lily’s voice was so matter of fact that I wasn’t sure if I had heard her correctly.


I was confused as she pushed herself up off the couch, got up and started gathering her things.

“Where are you going? You just said that you were fine with not being exclusive…”

Lily nodded as she draped her purse over her shoulder and folded her coat over her arm.

“Matt, I am fine with you not wanting to be exclusive. We’ve been dating for seven months now. We’ve even met each other’s families. But if you’re still sitting on the fence about me, that means that I’m not the right one for you. There are some things I won’t do and being an option to you is not one of them ”

My heart beat fast and panic traveled through my body. My mind raced back to our second date when my car had broken down and we had gotten stranded in the middle of nowhere for hours waiting for a tow truck. Lily never even complained once when we were forced to eat at a dive bar next to the repair shop while we waited. She had taken it all in stride like water off a duck’s back.

Lily was also the one who had brought me homemade soup and stopped by to check on me every day when I had the flu and thought I was going to die. When everyone else had avoided me and my nasty germs, Lily had been fearless. She was always so easy, free flowing, drama-free. And I really loved being with her.

One word described Lily and it was “amazing”.

“No, no, no! Wait, it’s not that you’re not the right girl for me. It’s just that …”

“Matt, you don’t need to explain,” Lily interrupted calmly. “I appreciate that you’re telling me this now. It’s better for me to know sooner than later. I thought that we had something good but I guess that it was one-sided. I need a man who appreciates me, a man who knows a great catch when he sees one. But that is clearly not you.”

The sharp pain in my chest was a telltale sign that I had made a huge, huge mistake.

“Please don’t go! I do want to be take things to the next level with you in the future…”

“Matt, I’m not afraid to tell you that so I’m being very clear. I wouldn’t want to leave you confused about where I stand.”

Lily leaned down and kissed me on the forehead – the kiss of death. Her gesture silenced me

“The future was now Matt. I hope that you find what you’re looking for. Take care of yourself.”

Glued to the couch with second thoughts, I watched Lily disappear through my front door as if she’d heard the call of the wind.

Continuation next Friday: “I’d Rather Have A Love”.

All Rights Reserved©2017 Marquessa Matthews. Adapted in 2018.

“The Baby Conspiracy” #fiction #holidayshortfiction

*Christmas-flavored fiction*

“Don’t ever do it.”

Her voice is a whisper over the phone. I assume that people are in the room with her because she sounds afraid of being overheard and there is holiday music in the background.

“Don’t do what?” I’m confused since all I asked was how she and the baby are doing now they are finally home after all the complications.

“Have a baby. Don’t do it. It’s a trick. One huge fucking conspiracy.”


“I’m telling you, it’s a fucking trick. All of your friends with kids encourage you to do it, tell you how great and rewarding it is. But it’s not true. They just want you to jump into that miserable, sinking ship so that you can drown with them.”

How am I supposed to respond to that?

“You’re just exhausted after all that you went through and have post-baby blues. I know that you must be missing your mother too and it’s also almost Christmas so you’re stressed out…”

“All I want for Christmas is my fucking life back! This has to be a conspiracy because they all know awful it really is before you do it and push you to do it. They only tell you the fucking truth after its too late,” she continues to whisper as if I didn’t even say a word.

Hormones, exhaustion, the burden of new mommy-hood responsibilities and the holiday season are taking a huge toll on her. She needs to vent to someone outside her family, someone who isn’t going to judge her for feeling unmommy-like.

But strangely enough, it isn’t the first time I’ve heard that theory from a few women in my entourage.

Is she right? Is there some kind of conspiracy going on?

As I remember all the lonely days of finding the courage to give myself the strict regimen of injections, I slide my hand across my secretly growing belly and am no longer sure I want to put that theory to the test all by myself.

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Originally posted on February 4, 2016, adapted in December 2017

This fiction inspired by this article.








“San Juan” (2015) #fiction #fictionfriday #love

credit to https://giphy.com/gifs/ocean-9iOXY191s2XrW

A week from now, all of this would feel like a dream. Like it never happened.

The knot in my stomach ached at the thought of leaving this place. From the moment I set foot out of the airport in San Juan, it had felt like “home”.

I buried myself a little deeper into the chaise and stared out into the darkness. Close enough to watch the white foamy crests of the waves as they lapped in time with their gentle whooshing onto the beach. The night sky was clear and always filled with so many stars, something I rarely noticed at home among a sea of concrete high-rise buildings.

Was this the same sky or had I been magically transported into another dimension?

One more week.

The constant moistness of humidity on my skin, the left-over grittiness of sand buried in crevices of my toes from my daily walks on the beach, the headiness of the salt air lingering in my chest that made me feel free and happy – I would miss it all. I had sat many evenings like this one, just curled up in a chair outside, enjoying the warm soothing breeze with a homemade coconut smoothie in hand. And every night, the ocean never failed to wash away the day and grant me a fresh new one after I closed my eyes for the night.

Who in their right mind could ever get tired of all of this?

But tonight was a little different. I wasn’t on my outdoor chaise. I was enjoying a better view from someone else’s chaise on a rooftop.

I took a last sip of my mint tea, unfolded myself out of my chair and went over to lean against the railing. Was it past 11:00 o’clock? Yes, it had to be past 11:00. Time crept so slowly down here in the Caribbean. I wasn’t sure of how long I had been out there. But I did know that I should have headed back to my place a long time ago, before I got myself into a situation I would probably not regret.

“Where did I leave my purse?”

I muttered to myself and almost immediately felt the warmth of his body behind me. His strong hands circled my waist and he nestled his lips into the oh-so sensitive spot of my neck. He had excused himself to take a phone call and from the dampness of his hair against my ear, he had also taken a shower.

“You aren’t working tomorrow so why not stay here tonight?”

I smiled. I had to hand it to Alejandro, he was smooth.

I turned around slow enough as to not lose contact, his chest just inches away from mine, his hands still around my waist. He smelled clean and fresh. I was just making a mental note to remember to ask him about the brand of soap he always used when I realized that the only thing between us were my workout clothes and a bath towel wrapped loosely around his waist. I felt a wave of heat spread from the top of my head all the way down to my toes. I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was just taken off guard enough for my mind to go completely blank.

Those dark eyes, that chiseled chest and such a wicked smile – I knew that he knew exactly what I was thinking. I had the urge to run my hands through the wet curls that dripped onto his forehead but I kept my hands to myself, unsure as to where else they may glide if I did reach out. He grinned even wider and I almost hated him for it.

“Don’t worry, you can stay in one of the guest rooms. We could watch a movie. Or I can take you back to your place. Your choice. Though you know what my preference would be.”

My mind searched for reasons to leave but my mind remained blank of excuses.

How many other women had stood in exactly this same position as I was tonight? Did I even care right now with one week left in paradise?

I pulled myself together and leaned in closer to him, which was already almost impossible. I inhaled deeply, trying not to think of what would happen if that bath towel accidentally fell to the ground.

“Okay,” I whispered into his ear.

He tilted his head and frowned, not sure of what I meant. He cupped my face his hands. “Okay, what?”

“Okay,” I repeated.

Content ©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Originally posted on April 7, 2015.

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