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We all have our biatch moments and this was one of mine (uh…one of many) and I couldn’t resist…


Marquessa xoxo


*inspired by Who’s Laughing Now? (video below)

The woman was plump, had a face full of wrinkles and looked beyond dowdy in her washed out yoga pants and oversized T-shirt. She stood shaking her head in frustration as her children raced up and down the grocery aisle. It was obvious that she wanted to crucify them but she seemed too tired to deal with them as they screamed and darted around people’s grocery carts.

Something about her felt familiar and I wondered from where I knew her. As I continued to scan the shelf for what I needed for the weekend, I eliminated the possibilities. She wasn’t from my university days, past jobs or from elementary school where everyone knew each other. High school was the only feasible place left and I immediately knew who she was – Eva the bully.

Eva was an older girl who had bullied me when I first started high school. She was in the graduating class and had taken a “liking” to me, taunting me in the meanest ways possible on the bus and whenever our paths would cross in the school hallways. I was her perfect target – young fresh meat, four years younger and one out of the handful of Black kids in the entire school. Her insults always focused my “blackness” – how ugly and Medusa-like my braids were, how my skin was brown like a monkey and anything else that came to her nasty little mind. Eva was a class act with her promises to beat me up if I opened my mouth and told on her. Yes, she was a first class mean girl who had a good laugh at my expense.

But even at that age, I knew better than to give her what she wanted – the satisfaction of scaring me, even if I was on the inside. I never showed fear but when pretending not to care only aggravated her more, she doubled up on her efforts and I had no choice to get my family involved. I couldn’t live on pins and needles until she graduated. She was already as dumb as a doorknob – what if she failed and had to repeat her grade…what would happen then?

I must have been deep in thought and staring at her while I took that 30+ year trip down memory lane because I found her staring curiously right back at me.

“Do we know each other?” Eva had the nerve to smile and it irked the shit out of me.

I was about to shake my head with a “no” and simply go about my business but when one of her kids crashed into me and kept running, it ignited a fire in the pit of my stomach. I found myself approaching her.

“I’m sure that you won’t remember me but I definitely remember you. You’re Eva, right?” I smiled.

“Yeah, I am. How do we know each other?”

I couldn’t help but smile even wider.

“You were the racist bitch that bullied me in my first year of high school. It’s hard to forget a face as ugly as yours.”

Eva’s face quickly changed from a smile to shock. From her wide eyes, she was confused at how the words coming out of my mouth were not corresponding with the smile on my face. She opened her mouth but couldn’t form a full sentence. But then again, she was always on the stupid side…


“I said that you were the racist bitch that bullied me in my first year of high school,” I repeated a little louder, attracting the attention of a young couple standing nearby.

She tried to recognize my face from all those years ago, probably flashing back to what and who she had been back then and maybe to what and who she still was.

“You were nothing less than a monster but from the looks of it, you’re living a nightmare of your own. And you definitely deserve it. You reap what you sow.”

I pointed to her kids spitting out f* bombs at each other like they were candy, fighting over something from the shelf down the aisle. I didn’t give a flying fig that the young couple watching were fully fascinated by my words and were looking at Eva in total disgust.

I gave Eva my back and returned to where I had left my cart a few steps away, feeling her eyes on me the entire time. From the corner of my eye, I could see her standing motionless, unsure of what to do and looking extremely embarrassed. I finished taking down what I needed and glanced back at her.

“Have yourself a wonderful day Eva,” I told her and walked away to the cash.

No, it’s not true that I walked away.

I strutted my way down the grocery aisle, my stride overflowing with satisfaction.

You know what they say: “He who laughs last, laughs best…”

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#WriterWednesday: #NaNoWrimo 2017 The Almost Final Word Count

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Since I shifted priorities last week, I knew that it was impossible to hit the 50K mark.

But as of last night, I decided that I would include the “new words” written. After all, they are words…even if they have nothing to do with the project I had planned. I’ll take any words that will get me closer to the 50k.


MY NANOWRIMO WORD COUNT until I get back to it in December?

35,823 words

It may not be 50,000 but at least its not 0.

I hope that your NaNoWriMo word counts went well!

Now for a little relaxation!

M  xoxo


#WriterWednesday: #NaNoWriMo 2017 Day 22 Word Count

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At least I can say that after I posted my last word count on Day 15, I did reach 25k before midnight like I wanted.

I was right on point at that halfway mark of NaNoWriMo’s and could say that I drafted a (long) complete short story.

I was left with two choices – start tackling the Part 2 of “Living To Die” for real or draft another (long) short story I had in mind. I decided on another short story but then I started going through my little purple notebook of ideas/potential titles and couldn’t make a decision…Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, Hotter Than Hell, It Should Have Been Us

To clear my mind, I did what I usually do when I’m at a crossroads – I decided to clean and organize.

Call me weird but a clean and organized space gives me such a zen buzz that it is usually my go-to coping mechanism. But there was one major problem – I started cleaning my home office and it didn’t stop there…

So instead of “writing” as part of my Miracle Morning ritual, I’ve been on a “deep cleaning” bender since last word count and still haven’t written any new words towards my second NaNoWriMo project.

Mind you, I have been writing blog posts and some anecdotal/creative non-fiction pieces but I’m choosing to not take those words into account because they weren’t part of my original word plan…at least not just yet.


MY WORD COUNT? 25, 500 + …

Tell me, how has your NaNoWriMo writing been going this week?

M xoxo



##WriterWednesday:: #NaNoWrimo 2017 Day 15 Word Count

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In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I missed out on half a week of writing due to an emergency early last week.

On Day 6, I only had 6,905 words and by the time Friday rolled around, I was way way way behind the desired #NaNoWriMo word count for Day 10.

I gave up on the 1,667 word per day and simply challenged myself over the weekend with word sprints (early Miracle morning, mid-day, late afternoon and evening – on my own and with #NaNoWriMo Twitter sprints and virtual write-ins.

By the way, I LOVE word sprints and virtual write-in sessions. They are tremendously helpful and always fuel new ideas.

The expected word count for today DAY #15 is supposed to be 25,005 words.

Guess what my word count is as of this post?

22,286 words

Not bad as a catch up but editing is going to be oh-so-painful…😐

#WriterWednesday: #NaNoWrimo 2017 Day 8 Word Count & Teaser

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6,905 words (as of Day 6)

Well, I’m only at about 50% of the average Day #8 word count but I’m not unhappy.

Do you want to know why?

Though an unexpected health situation with someone close to me kept me away for two days, most of those 6,905 words were written BEFORE 6:00am during my #MiracleMorning.

I’m amazed, especially since I’m not a true morning person.

Now that I’m getting more used to the early routine, I’m expecting my pre-work writing pace to speed up a bit. And squeezing time at the end of the day to complete a scene has been easier with that “priority” mindset and having let a scene percolate for hours.

Mind you, most of my word count is unrelated to the planned project (sample teaser below) but I do have 6 new short fiction pieces!

If you are participating in #NaNoWriMo, how are your words going?


Credit t and found at: https://www.google.ca/search?q=its+time+to+start+living+the+life+you%27ve+imagined&dcr=0&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjdvY-q3ezWAhVo2IMKHYZPBEcQsAQILQ&biw=1366&bih=590#imgrc=B8gTzJFDIsGmhM:

Years ago, I had a plan.

A plan that involved focusing more on my needs, my wants and my desires. A plan that involved being more selfish and less selfless. A plan that involved learning to put my oxygen mask on first before securing everyone else. But my plans never came to fruition, I started running on fumes and I was starving.

My worst made plans had made me hungry.

A day didn’t go by without a growing desire of doing the complete opposite of all that I was and all that I had become – everything to everyone and nothing to me.

I foraged and hoarded for others but my parched lips never enjoyed the fruits of my labor. The more I provided, the more famished I became. Every day was a day closer to starving to death and it took almost dying to find true nourishment.

But not anymore…not since Hawaii. Now that I’ve had a taste of how sweet life can be, my time is now.

My time will always be now.

Katie 2.0

All Rights Reserved ©2017 Marquessa Matthews












“All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You” #marquessachallenge #fictionfriday #lyricalfictionfriday


Note: This was adapted for yesterday’s #MarquessaChallenge – I’m busy with NaNoWrimo!


It was almost 9:00pm and throngs of people whizzed past the café near Central Park where he had asked me to meet him.

I blamed this crazy city for taking such a chance. What was I doing meeting a man I really didn’t know in the middle of New York City before I had to fly back home?

This is how it all went down.

The moment he sat down and said hello, something in me ignited. His cute crooked smile took me off guard. And when he saw the tattered copy of Stephen King’s Needful Things on my lap, he pulled his copy of Misery from his bag and complimented me on my great taste in authors. Like that memorable line from that movie I didn’t much like, I had to admit that he had me at hello.

For the entire six hour flight, our conversation flowed as if we had known each other forever. Handsome, intellectual, funny and unafraid to challenge me on my thoughts about the post-election events, I was intrigued and attracted when I should not have been.

The chemistry between us had been undeniable. When he asked for my number, I should have thought twice about it. But I couldn’t resist, even though I was only in town for a few days.

And when he called me, I agreed to a late coffee date.

Now, second thoughts were whirling around my head.

I should be back at the hotel, ordering room service and thinking about getting a good night’s sleep. But here I am, waiting for a handsome stranger who will probably not turn up. Hot or not, I don’t live here. I don’t even know if he lives here. What the hell am I thinking?

Just as I was about to abandon my coffee and leave, he walked through the door. Both nervous and excited, it quickly hit me that I didn’t even know his name.


He sat down, looked around nervously and smiled.

Oh my, that cute crooked smile…


We sat in silence for a moment before he reached across the table. With the touch of his hand, a fire started burning inside of me.

“This is crazy. Absolutely crazy. I feel like I’ve always known you which is totally nuts. And I don’t even know your name. ”

I knew exactly what he meant.

“Isn’t that what New York is all about? Being a little crazy? Taking chances?”

I laughed nervously and squeezed his hand. He shook his head and suddenly looked sad.

“Yeah, that’s what people say about this place but I really shouldn’t be here. I’m…married,” he whispered and looked away, ashamed.

I took a deep breath and held onto his hand tighter.

“Well, to be honest, I shouldn’t be here either. I’m married too.”

His head snapped back with surprise. Nothing about the situation was funny but yet we soon broke out in laughter.

“We’re going to burn in hell for doing what we’re doing right now.”

His lips were hypnotizing me and all I wanted was to taste them.

“We’re only talking and having coffee…right now.”

He leaned across the table and kissed me. My entire body light up with a desire for much more than a kiss.

“You taste like strawberries,” he whispered against my flavored lipgloss.

“Is that a bad thing?” I asked, savoring the moment.

“Yes, it is. I happen to love strawberries.”

He leaned away from me and extended his hand for a handshake.

“My name is…Harry.”

I took his hand and smiled.

“Nice to meet you Harry. I’m…Meghan.”

We kissed again but this time thoroughly, knowing that we were both lying. But we didn’t care because we’d soon be strangers making the most of the dark.

All Rights Reserved©2016-2017 Marquessa Matthews.

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#WriterWednesday: #NaNoWrimo 2017!

I’m doing NaNoWrimo!

Though I formally signed up on their website, I won’t be “buddying up” this year. From past experience, I’ve never had time to really chat with “NaNoWriMo buddies” on the NaNoWriMo site so I’m taking that part of the pressure off of myself by being…anti-social.Yeah, I’m a party pooper who is still learning about being realistic about her limitations.

Last year I got to 30k words with a bad back but hopefully this year I will reach the 50k like my first time.

My plan is to draft the bones to “Living To Die” Part 2 and when I need a change of pace, short stories based on my characters Delaney and Ella.

Since I’ll be elbow deep in word counts and my #TribeTuesdayWPChallenge, my social media interactions with you will be limited this month but my #1MinFiction, #MarquessaChallenge and #SongLyricSunday posts will continue.

If you are participating in NanoWriMo, GOOD LUCK!

M xoxo