“Material Girl” @kegarland #selflove #selfworth



I’ve been following Dr. KE Garland’s “How Do You Love Yourself” February series and love it! The graphic you see to the left is one of her lovely “kwotes”!

The daily tidbits she’s been sharing are quite inspiring. You should check it out!

The posts have made me realize just how important self-care is and how we need to take care of ourselves, even when it involves the purchase of certain material things.

Though I truly dislike shopping, I finally bit the bullet and shopped for “things I need right now” list. Mind you, these were not impulse purchases – I had budgeted for them.

It costs a pretty penny but it is so warm!


-30C waterproof boots


A new cell and laptop that don’t shut off on their own all the time…

These purchases didn’t take a lot of time so I was procrastinating for nothing. Now I feel lighter about checking them off my list.

What have you been doing to take care of yourself?

M  xoxo