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Reflections of Diversity

I made a promise to myself.

During my writing break, I told myself that I would keep this blog focused on my fiction excerpts and writing process and away from current events that get under my skin.

And though certain events over the past few days have my fingertips itching, I won’t say a word…

From the title of this post, you will likely already know what “incident” has ruffled my feathers. And if you don’t know, it doesn’t really matter and I won’t mention it here.

I don’t support racist portrayals and images, whether it be on television, the big screen, music or in print. I also don’t care by whom or the reason why demeaning stereotypical images are propelled. When I come across them, I shut that sh*t down and I shut it down fast.

I have zero patience for it because I remember what it felt like growing up bombarded by the tidal wave of negative images in the media towards women who looked me – being made to feel less than and not part of the “norm”.

By the time I was nine years old, I had already figured out that stereotypical images of women of my shade always revolved around unfeminine matriarchs, loud wise cracking maids and my all-time-favorite, the overweight, unattractive and homely sidekick to the main character of a book, movie or cartoon…

Where were the images of women of color living life, feeling good, and being attractive? And where were all the reflections of these just being normal and happy like everyone else?

Because of the “lack” of seeing positive images in the media in my youth, my fiction always includes “diverse” characters who are just like everyone else, that any reader can relate to but who just happen to be of diverse backgrounds because it is a reflection of the real world.

Tell me, how important is “positive” diversity in social media to you?





The Bots Among Us

I always knew that I had bots.

“Bots” as in spam comments that usually end up in my Junk folder where they belong.

But what’s up with the bots that inflate my number of followers?

I supposedly “lost” 1000 followers while I was away.

Yeah, 1000.

Months ago, I was constantly getting notifications about new followers and wondered how these “readers” were finding me when I wasn’t doing anything different than usual. I simply went about my business because I don’t really care about numbers.

But I still don’t understand the “why” behind fake followers.

Do they hope that I follow back without checking them out first? Will they eventually try to sell me something? Is it a creepy way to get into my electronic device?

Do you know what’s up with fake followers?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that 1000 fakes are out of my hair.

I mean, I only want to interact and attract real living people, like readers and friends who want to follow my musings, sign up for my email list and eventually read what I self-publish.

Bots can’t do any of those things…

As a writer, does it bother you to see your number of followers drop? And as a reader, are you influenced by the number of followers a blog has?






“What kind of garbage is this?”

When I was 15, I made the mistake of sharing a short story I had written for my high school English class with someone close to me and those were the exact words that stuck to me like glue.

The pride I felt about the story I had written disappeared like a puff of smoke in the wind. I was completely embarrassed and simply wanted the floor to open and swallow me up. That was the day that I learned to never share my writing with anyone unless it was for an assignment or my own personal and creative enjoyment.

The me back then wasn’t able to brush it off or formulate a witty response to counter that negativity. I simply took the hit and allowed my feelings to get hurt. I never even thought about taking the grade I got for that assignment and shoving it into that person’s face because I allowed that negativity to steal the joy from me:

Of course, the me of years later would have reacted A LOT differently with that person.

Though the me of today would have a laundry list of slick yet bitchy comebacks, I wouldn’t even bother wasting any of them such negativity and neither should you.

If you love to write and/or blog, who cares what others think about it?

It doesn’t matter who thinks your writing or your blog is read-worthy.

It doesn’t matter if you only write or blog sporadically.

It doesn’t even matter if someone leaves a negative comment on your space.

Forget the haters.

What matters is that YOU are enjoying your writing and/or blogging.

And that is truly the only thing that really matters.





Younger Man #writerwednesday

I’m working on some lead-in chapters for Living To Die” to better introduce Kate as the main character.

Without going into too much detail, that introductory chapter involves a scene between a fed-up and lonely Kate being flirted with by a hot and younger man (above 18 of course) who genuinely seems to have an interest in her.

Ladies, ladies, ladies…

I need to put an age on my younger male hottie character.

Tell me, how young is too young for a 37 year old divorced mother of twins who no longer live under her roof?

Does age even matter if he is an adult?

Should I apply the “Cougar rule” which is Woman’s Age divided by 2 + 7, meaning that the male character would have to be older than 25 1/2 years old?

What would you do if a much younger man unapologetically chased you down for a date?

Go ahead and weigh in.

And by the way, I’m not 37. 😌





When All You Need Is To Fu*k It Out #amwriting

I’m back and I deserve a round of applause for lasting out this long!

I didn’t post a darn thing on this blog like I said I would and I surprised myself.

I also didn’t write anything offline.

No flash fiction, no editing, no outlines…Just plain old nothing. The most I did was jot ideas down onto Post-Its and stick them on my writing wall for future reference.

In order to get out of my not-so-great mood, I decided to immerse myself deeper into the funk until I found myself sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Sounds counter-intuitive but that’s what I did.

I tried to enjoy more of this on the weekends…

I failed miserably at doing any of this…

And I was very successful in doing way, way, way too much of this…

But it’s all good.

Because like a slice of hot apple pie topped with some chocolate fudge ice cream, the writing/blogging break has made me a little hungry to get writing again.

Tell me, when was the last time that you simply took a writing break?