“Ghost of You and Me”

I sensed her presence before I saw her. I looked up from my coffee and saw her walking across the street.

Through the coffee shop window, I watched her stop and send a text. It would have been so easy to get up, call out her name and jog across to her.

But I didn’t and I couldn’t. My ass was firmly glued to my chair and that is here it was going to stay.

“What’s wrong with you?” Brian’s voice broke into my thoughts when he noticed my coffee cup stuck in mid-air.

I pointed to where Starr stood. Brian’s mouth formed an “O” when he saw her.

“She’s back?”

“Obviously.” I took a long sip of my black coffee, becoming more and more irritated at how she appeared to be fine with the world. She never took a glance at the coffee shop where I sat – the coffee shop where we first met.

“Did she tell you that she was back?”


“Aren’t you going to go talk to her?”


I’d allowed this girl get into my brain and mess with my head. It wasn’t a good feeling and I couldn’t shake the hold she had on me.

Sometimes, just sometimes I wished I’d never met her.

Brian didn’t press the issue and we both continued to observe her in silence.

“How many times have you been in love?”

Without thinking, I said, “Twice.”

“Really? Twice?”

Starr smiled and slipped her cell into her purse and I watched as she walked away and out of sight.

“Yeah, twice. And both times it’s been with her.”

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on ““Ghost of You and Me”

      1. I was hooked by the mystery. Not knowing who’s POV it’s written from, I had no way of guessing who Starr could be to them. I think I automatically assumed the POV was a woman because a lot of your fiction is written from the woman’s POV. So, I was trying to figure out if Starr was maybe a friend who’d moved away, became famous and stopped talking to her, or maybe they’d had a really bad falling out and then she moved away… Then it gets to that last line and ‘Bam!’ Goosebumps. Then, I didn’t even care if the POV was a man or a woman, it was just good and got me in my feels because it’s so relatable. 😀

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